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For two consecutive days, March 20th and 21st, Derek Alan Rowe demonstrated and presented WhY 360 video by stepping through pre-production, production, post and distribution. Derek used lecture, live filming demonstrations, and hands-on labs that covered enough to get our students started in the right direction and in front of the curve for building future skill sets and the top technologies to match them to.

Derek also shared what equipment do you need to customize your 360 project, as well as what does producing video in 360 differ from traditional video, and what are the steps and challenges of planning and filming a 360 movie?  Lastly Derek shared how is post production different from standard video and how do you distribute a 360 video for monetization and high production value.

Derek is no stranger to LA Mission College as we first met him at a AT&T Dev Lab Workshop November 2017 with his partner, Mike Cuales presenting a dynamic tandem presentation in the AT&T El Segundo campus cafeteria.  Recently, Mike and Derek have joined our LA Mission class virtually via google hangout to open our minds to the possibilities and prepare us prepare this two day AT&T Dev Lab experience, which  has been an engaging experiential learning field trip for our students and  invited guest from the the Creative Reality Hackathon.

Derek gave us a sneak preview of coming attractions (above) on Friday, March 9th, and promoted the “Seeing Is Believing” Immersive Media Festival in North Carolina for which we’d like to learn more how LA Mission can create a similar experience inside of our planned Ed-Tech Summit towards the end of the semester….Stay tuned.

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