Repost From Shelly Palmer  The 5 Jobs Robots Will Take First Oxford University researchers have estimated that 47 percent of U.S. jobs could be automated within the next two decades. But which white-collar jobs will robots take first? First, we should define “robots” (for this article only) as technologies, such as machine learning algorithms running on purpose-built computer platforms, that […]

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 PRE-APPRENTICESHIP PROJECT (PAP) The Pre-Apprenticeship Project (PAP) provides deserving public high school students the chance to work in dynamic career areas through paid Pre-Apprenticeship experiences. Through PAP, students will work in fields that map to 4th Generation Workforce and the Gig Economy.  Area of interest but not excluded are digital media, entertainment, technology, healthcare, and design. The American Apprenticeship Initiative was a […]

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The Problem Statement: Students are more capable of creating gig economy opportunities than their institutions can facilitate. Starting with k-5, institutions administrators, instructors and parents are struggling to keep pace with their children’s ability to interpret, create and deploy uses of technology for life, work and play. The time it would take to train the trainers while keeping pace with […]

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