Hello, my name is Pauline Rolle, and I want to be the most trusted name in  Artificial Intelligence enabled Mobile Health Care information.  I’ve aggregated some of the best, physicians, nurses, and practitioners in health care in a connected app and blog.  Please contact me at Mobile health technology is opening up new lines of communication between providers and patients—and that, […]

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Ai & Human Beings Blended Harmonies Or Not….


Is it too late to teach a human how to ween  off of technology? When will robot completely take over human functions in the workplace. We pray that Quibi or Quick Bite will find and spotlight talent and stories from people of color trying to break-through in Hollywood and Silicon Beach. Maybe Ai can level the play-field in the lack […]

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Proposal: Pulse Conference Partnership By Digital Pathways Initiative OPPORTUNITY: We are proposing that an organization focused on enterprise technology, digital entertainment, or brand experience engage in a partnership with the Dakar Foundation and UCLA’s Anderson School of Management that would provide an opportunity to participate in the February 8 Conference. The partnership would allow partners to: (1) Present on innovation […]

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