Dang, we missed Charles King Macro, well I can always try and reach him via via LinkedIn, this would have been a great chance to to recruit him for our Gatekeepers series. pic.twitter.com/VQpgsKl1HW — Kevin Clark (@Homageusa) June 24, 2018 The Dakar Media Academy hung out with AT&T executives Donovan Green and Amir Johnson, along with community activist from the […]

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A federal judge ruled today that AT&T can complete an $85 billion purchase of Time-Warner. @Nawazistan reports that the potential mega-merger could have a profound impact on the media, entertainment and telecommunications landscape. Learn more: https://t.co/0IZWiVZXep pic.twitter.com/ILUboimoTM — PBS NewsHour (@NewsHour) June 12, 2018 I believe AT&T will be victorious over the DOJ, but will it win in end? I […]

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I met another foot soldier in the battle to win more women and people of color into the realm of XR.  Audrey’s presentation today was stirring, and I hope to see more of her in our classrooms in the Los Angeles Community College District. “Open Letter: From A Woman of Color in Tech” https://t.co/V1M06wuBnh on @LinkedIn — Audrey Tsaima (@audreytsaima) […]

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Diversity @ AWE got a great first step in the right direction. Need 2 accelerate more actionable intelligence so we can eat in XR. Lets aggregate effort 2 build an incubator, a fund and a VC exchange. Its getting late y’all. Shout out 2 Chris & Mike Mc. https://t.co/k6kJKuJdpZ pic.twitter.com/QMLfy0YacQ — Kevin Clark (@Homageusa) June 6, 2018 Home .@DebiasVR led […]

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Kevin Clark-Dakar– Hollywood, CA It’s a wrap, and now for the next phase of our quest to place students from the Los Angeles /Orange County Community College District and its network of high school and four-year university partners. Our next steps started Saturday at AT&T SHAPE, as we we’re hosted and received all access by our benefactor, AT&T Corporate Affairs […]

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