Kevin Clark-DakarHollywood, CA

It’s a wrap, and now for the next phase of our quest to place students from the Los Angeles /Orange County Community College District and its network of high school and four-year university partners. Our next steps started Saturday at AT&T SHAPE, as we we’re hosted and received all access by our benefactor, AT&T Corporate Affairs Regional Director Donovan Green.  Four students from LA Mission and Santa Monica Community college digital media departments captured sights/sounds, and interviews with AT&T Vice President Mark Blankenship and a conversation with AT&T CEO John Donovan.


On Friday June 1, our Immersive Media Career Exploration students along with our sister organization the Santa Monica Urban Media Makers planed and produced a culminating event inside of the new Arts Media Performance Theater at LA Mission College. This event was called the Summit and provided a platform to showcase student voice and vision.  The four hour experience featured a presentation by national distinguished educator, Ted Lai, Apple, a panel moderated by UCLA MEMES Jay Tucker, and recognition segment from the students to Shane Norman,Senior Vice President Of Product & Innovation, LIONSGATE/ Kevin Hart, LOL Network.

Stay tuned for the highlight of our student produced summit, a pure collaboration from two Los Angeles Community College student networks.  We could not have made it such a memorable experience for the students without the supports, so we give shout-outs to several special guests that attended: Richard Verches, Sumi Parekh, Alexis Lewis, and Patricia Castellanos for taking time out of their schedule to join us.  And for the participants and key individuals who helped us on this 12 week sojourn; in no particular order:  Dr. Monte Perez, Dr. Daniel Walker, Richard GantDonovan GreenMunir Mahmud, Simone Nelson, Dan Watanabe, Anna Marie Piersimoni, Redilia Shaw, Dylan Watkins, Matt DoyleJasmin Harvey, Ken McNeely, Steve WrightMyrell Miner, Francisco RodriguezTony Spires, Ted Milner, Alton Glass, Johnathan Williams, Gregg Johnson, Johnny PhungJoan Samuels, Doris Driver, Curtis Stage, Omar CastanedaRory Pullens, Victor Harwood, Vincent TaguipedMarla Uliana, Ruben GarciaAljeandro Guzman, and Sophia Hernandez , Frank Donner, Mike A. McNairClayton Biele and A2mend. And in conclusion the students gave Terrence and I the biggest reward with thank-you cards and lots of great complimentary texts.  We can’t wait for phase 2 to commence this summer featuring our brand new online curriculum DPI to create the next generation of super predators.