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My name is Ruben Garcia and yes I used to work for Intel (Legal Department, Developer Relations, Content Group and Online Retail), Acer of America, Adaptec, InterTrust Technologies, Planet Vibe, Dakar Interactive until I formed RubyMoon Studios.

While growing up in the Northern California Bay Area (Silicon Valley) I started programming in the 7th grade and have programming on some level since then throughout my career. I have been a production planner, I have managed software value added resale accounts, I have managed production environments, I was an evangelist driving platform development for Intel, a consultant and I continue to develop strategies for businesses as a consultant.  My primary focus these days is business development solutions for small to mid size businesses that seek back office and web based solutions that target mobile customers, e-commerce and marketing on the Internet in general for small retail stores, individuals, artists and targeting streaming media, video and audio. 

I also have always been a musician, performing on stage and a composer recording with artists, producing and writing my own songs for my solo recordings and I have written and collaborated with many other artists over the years.  I also play, record and write on all instruments with the exception of wind and brass. I have samples of my work and recordings in my audio/music section of the site.

I worked for Acer of American and Intel Corporation early in my career. I formed a small start up, cashed out and have been a consultant and developer for the past decade helping businesses create solutions, mobile apps, media, commercials, products, SEO, more effective web sites, music, films and more.

Yes I used to work for Adaptec and Intertrust.. developing authoring tools, helped spin out the Software Products Group Engineers who were the godfathers of CD-R architecture. And while at Intertrust working on Digital Rights Management with 5/6 of the Music Industry.

Yes, I still produce independent film, music videos, music, digital images, commercial and develop VISIBILITY and PR campaigns for businesses and individuals alike.

Yes, I also develop consumer products which are leather goods for men, women and children currently being sold in retail and directly on this web site.

My father  Ruben B. Garcia is a school teacher (for the past 30 years) who also worked for a record label and music distribution company while I was growing up. I obviously was influenced a great deal by this as I was always surrounded by crates of albums and he would take me to work with him during the summers to conduct distribution to stores throughout California.  This was my first exposure to retail, music and labels from the inside.

My first guitar a Yamaha acoustic that was given to me by my mother.

I developed a passion for motorcycles at age 14, and I built, raced, collected motorcycles for a while up until my mid 20’s. Motorcycles and Rock & Roll went hand in hand.

I was a paperboy for a number of years making money to save up for my first motorcycle and car. My first real job was working in an HVAC (Sheet Metal, A/C) union shop that was owned by a good friend and neighbor for a couple of years while first graduating from high school.

I began performing in night clubs, at parties, events in top 40 and original music projects by night while in my early twenties and eventually in house bands at clubs in the Bay Area.

I began producing while hanging out in a local studio (Abstract Motion) which was owned by a good friend Keith Purdy. Keith’s clients included SmashMouth (when they were local) and a myriad of other local bay area groups. It was at Abstract Motion that I started to build recording, composing and arrangement skills that would come full circle in digital content development in the years to come.

I was hired at Intel Corporation to support the Legal Special Teams in corporate wide litigation efforts. Eventually I inherited leading the Litigation Special Teams Group which consisted of managing 35 paralegals and responding to all inside and outside counsel strategy/lawsuit support requests.

I authored Intel’s first worldwide Corporate Records Management System which adhered to regulatory compliance, their litigation response system and all worldwide efforts for search and seizure, office searches and lawsuit response to thwart legal action. I did this for a total of 4 years at Intel and while there was on the winning side of all cases. Note: I wrote their first CRM system.

I Left the Intel Legal Team to become Intel’s first Evangelist in the Content Group.

I worked in the Developer Relations Group to find compelling platform and equity investment opportunities in 3rd party businesses developing authoring tools for content, music and Internet. I conducted evaluations on new startup software companies, upon evaluating and finding compelling, market segment killers, would bring into Intel for investment, seeding of product and instruction set architecture acceleration. The overall mission was always to displace competitive architectures within these companies and to drive Intel Architecture to the consumer market as the premiere and most efficient for business and consumer markets.

While at Intel helped to carve out deals with music industry, labels, multimedia companies, proponents in software, CD/DVD development, and cutting edge consumer content product businesses.  Assisted in brigning in founders of Rock Band (Harmonix), Frauenhafer (the German mp3 format developers), Napster, Godfathers of Midi and the Drum Machine and label producers with their new media efforts to try and ink equity deals which Intel..  many of which were turned down as early investment opportunities.

I left Intel with a fellow engineer and musician, formed a startup, incorporated and was acquired in less than nine months. 2.5M acquisition.

I became a consultant for Adaptec and participated in spinning out Roxio, reported directly to VP of Software Products Group and VP of Marketing to accelerate market share and product development.

I worked in Corp Marketing, Marketing Communications Group for Intertrust Technologies, driving major music industry and film DRM efforts (relationships with all the majors, nokia, Blockbuster, Universal, NBC, Castle Rock).

I founded Rubymoon Studios which has catered to over 350 clients/artists/businesses over the past 15 years.

I produced 3 shows for Comcast, reality and new media, Internet production efforts.

I produced video in North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Sacramento.

I enabled over 275 businesses with web site, blog, media and e-commerce web sites.

I produced video, film, reels for the Former Blue Power Ranger, action reel for Taylor Lautner (NewMoon, Twilight), Apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas).

I have IMDB credits for film production.

I produced over 76 music and media production videos for artist, businesses, labels.

I have developed and have worked on large scale mobile apps/ iPhone apps, connected apps, GUI and interface design for numerous products for 3rd parties.

If you have time to really get into my head… The long story….

************ This is an article from the Entertainment Guide which was published in 2011 ************

Prior to RubyMoon Studios, Ruby(Ruben) has been a performing musician, a composer, a producer with over 28 CD credits, 176 video production projects and over 275 web sites developed.

Ruben (Ruby) is a proficient programmer, a developer, a designer, an illustrator, a video producer, a business owner, was an partner of a private label (NewTechMusic/NewTechMedia), an Internet Startup that was acquired in 1999,  worked for Intel Corporation as their 1st Evangelist in the Intel Content Group, authored the Intel Legal Special Teams Regulatory Compliance Corporate Management System.

Ruby has worked for major labels, celebrities including the former Blue Power Ranger, has shot video of Apl.De.Ap of the Black Eyed Peas, movie star Taylor Lautner (Twilight Jacob Black, SharkBoy and LavaGirl), was the CTO for Dakar Interactive and has worked as a consultant for Intertrust Technologies, Adaptec/Roxio.

  • Worked with local Artists Management company UGMX and reporting to founder Mike Robinson who develops young artists and serves them up to the majors.  UGMX/RADUGMX/BMikeRob efforts span the Bay Area San Jose, Los Angeles and Las Vegas territories.  Efforts include web site development for several of their studio, marketing, artists sites as well as social media embedded apps and mobile conversion.
  • Worked with Big7 Records in the Bay Area shooting video for SingleTree on the road (Arkansas).
  • Worked for Big7 Records on Internet Web Design for their label web sites, up and coming artists, design, development, support, as well as video production and on-line marketing. Efforts for the label includes launching new Country music crossover efforts with Steve Harwell of Smashmouth (Disney Shrek, Smashmouth).nd
  • Caters to the former Blue Power Ranger, 7 time world champion and founder of XMA, Xtreme Martial Arts and the Xtreme Martial Arts World Headquarters.
  • Left Intel Corporation in 1999 to form a startup which he cashed out of after an acquisition.
  • Served as the Publicist in 2007/2008 for Mic Gillette (Tower of Power), and Jon Smith (Toto/Edgar Winter Band)
  • Ruben has produced over 86 production video projects which include music videos, commercials and business development content.
  • Ruben has authored solutions for Social Networking platform environments that allow businesses to build in essence their own MySpace or Facebook.
  • Efforts include over 200 hosted businesses that are currently hosted on Rubymoon servers.
  • Ruben is on the board of two major building block proponent companies that deal with client’s that include: The U.S. Army and various Hollywood Celebrities.
  • Ruben manages the Xtreme World Headquarters online efforts and video production projects in North Hollywood, which are owned and managed by the former Blue Power Ranger.
  • Ruben produced and shot the video reel that Taylor Lautner submitted to secure his role as Jacob Black in the Twilight sequel ‘New Moon’. Rubymoon Studios has the exclusive video that has been in the hands of the production company, the Blue Power Ranger and Taylor himself.
  • Spent years within production studio environments and on set producing music, video and engaging with businesses to increase market growth and revenue.
  • Existed for 15+years in board rooms planning immediate and long term strategic plans for corporations.
  • Analyzed and evaluated market shifts and trends while commissioned as a consultant for a number of studios in Northern California and Southern California, while assisting businesses in developing short term and long term strategic plans for growth and profitability.
  • Was the cofounder/owner of NewTech Media and New Tech Music. These efforts were early content aggregation-digital label efforts based on a vision to couple Internet Technologies with MP3 hardware being sold in retail. The MP3 player (Soulmate) was developed by Ruben’s partner and co founder of NewTech Media Pedro Vargas.
  • Prior to NewTechMusic and NewTechMedia Ruben was the first Authoring Tools Evangelist working within the Content Group at Intel Corporation (see more history on Intel below).
  • Owner and founder of PlanetVibe and sold the rights to the business in 2002. As the founder of PlanetVibe he presented numerous strategies relating to authoring music, delivering multidimensional platforms and distributed digital content over the Internet dating back to 1996.
  • Conducted business development with the founders of  Harmonix who eventually created Guitar Hero and RockBand. Ruben worked with the company to try and secure and equity investment deal with the company while working for Intel Corporation. Needless to say Intel passed on the deal.
  • While at Intel, Ruben was told by a fellow executive staff member back in 1997 that consumers would never use the PC as a primary playback device for music and video.
  • Has many colleagues that he has worked with including some of the biggest producers of popular music in the world. Ruben inked deals with Ken Caillat, Richard Dasshet and Leo Rossi who were the executive producers for Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Brown, Chaka Khan and other platinum artists.
  • Managed the first Hybrid Products Compilation set of Music Label content from Interscope and Trauma, while at Intel in the Content Group. Managed the development of 6 titles that were the first interactive CD/Internet interactive applications with on line components (1997/1998).
  • Professed in the late 90’s that the music and motion picture industry would not anticipate the opportunities, even while Ruben presented many scenarios for future content distribution plays. Many business models were passed up and technology eventually moved quickly to change the device standard and format war within consumer markets.
  • Had the luxury of working on projects that would find new businesses, software, hardware and content opportunities. He leveraged relationships to help accelerate business in these spaces while monitizing content. This was the basis of his long standing network of industry contacts in High Tech, Computer, Software, Content, Internet, Music, Motion Picture, Television, Digital Rights Management, Publishing, Distribution, Event and Promotion market segments.
  • Was a consultant working for the VP of the Software Products Group at Adaptec, during a time when Adaptec owned a majority share of the CD burning architecture landscape. Ruben was there breaking ground while the eventual spin off effort produced Roxio.

There are very few people walking the earth who could speak to all of the environments mentioned above. Ruben is one of them. Ruben worked directly for the former Blue Power Ranger, executive staff and head of Legal Counsel at Intel Corporation, Adaptec/Roxio, Universal Music/Pictures, Sony, BMG, Interscope/Trauma, NBC, Fox, Starbucks, Home Depot, Tropicana Orange Juice, the godfathers/inventors of CD burning architecture. Ruben worked with many of these proponents, directly while implementing new strategies for ad campaigns, content creation or product delivery and digital distribution.

Ruben is also an aspiring composer, musician and producer with publishing credits in a number of genres. Ruben also performed for years on stage with various acts.

Ruben has already contributed and constructed a handful of recording/new media studios and private studios in the Bay Area dating back to 1991. There has always been a demand for a digital solution expert and to this day there are many who profess to be that and yet do not have the background to support it. The world has changed overnight and Ruben has already contributed and consulted for a number of businesses that have converged technologies to move on and be successful.

Ruben has CO-founded software/hardware technology businesses. He has developed solutions with other x-Intel engineers and x-major label associates. He has worked to develop desktop software and browser based solutions that work hand in hand with mp3 players. He has worked with emerging artists and platinum artists. Few realize that he had been involved within this landscape since the beginning, dating back over 15 years ago.

Ruben was fully immersed within the Digital Rights Management environment as a Marketing and Products Manager at Intertrust Technologies in 2000-2001. Ruben worked with a number of businesses developing next generation platforms for encoding, packaging and delivering secure content on the web and on physical media such as CD rom and DVD. Ruben worked very closely at times to develop and pitch new products to companies like: Nokia, Blockbuster, BMG, Universal Music, Universal Pictures, Sony, Interscope, NBC, Fox, CBS, Castle Rock Ent. and more. Intertrust held more patents in DRM than Microsoft in recent years and won the largest DRM IP technology lawsuit against Microsoft for patent infringement back in 2003.

Ruben has many media project credits to date and continues to forge on. Few realize his impact in the environment, especially early on as a proponent while at Intel Corporation pursuing audio software / music application and content creation developers. His job was simply to drive software development in these environments and make the PC a primary authoring tool while displacing the Apple Mac platform.

Few know his depth of knowledge regarding digital nondestructive editing and spectrum analysis.. Editing, mixing and mastering on digital systems. He has been doing it long before there were consumer tools as he was a beta tester for many cutting edge software developers in the 80’s and 90’s. He brokered deals while at Intel with major labels for content and compilations as part of the Content Group. While at Intel alone he managed 6 compilation CDs that were funded by Intel and licensed through Interscope/Trauma, Capital and Sony back in 1997. We can go on and on with regards to his career and the impact he had but there is so much to tell.

These days, Ruben scours the web in search of talent. He organizes their efforts and brings them into the studio to be delivered on music videos, television programs, DVDs, the Internet and more. If an artist or business does not have the where-with-all to form the business and content publishing efforts for their talent or services, Ruben rallies to create and deliver components to create the next revolution for that artist or business. Oh, and let’s not forget his main target.. the mass penetration market of content creators, the kids, the teens, the housewives with talent, the forgotten actor or actress, the talent falling out of the majors who are passed up as the last to be up and coming…. the publishers.. the newspapers and magazines who lack the ability to deliver next generation media or music through their traditional vehicles.

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Contact Ruben at : musicprod1@gmail.com