Dakar Foundation Invites You To A State Of Education Address At  Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC), Friday, June 1st, 11am to 2pm.  You’ll experience Mixed Media through the lens of students from LAMC and Santa Monica City College: Featured is a fireside chat with Ted Lai, Apple Distinguished Educator and  Los Angele/ Orange County Director For StrongWorkforce, Richard Verches that will provide a glimpse of the future classroom for workforce training and placement. Also will be screening student trailers headed for distribution and student Immersive installations.  The goal is to collapse the barriers to entry to the creative tech economy for under-resourced communities, with guidance from the newly formed department, The Los Angeles County Education Arts Collective.

Featuring The CIHonor

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The Los Angeles Arts Education Collective (LACAEC) , led by Program Manager Gregg Johnson who’s authored the strategy for that has help us recruit AT&T  and other corporate partners who seek to develop a farm system for their pipelines.  LACAEC is a force multiplier who has provided the standardization and increased awareness for developing a smart-pipeline and activation and engagement campaigns for all of the 84 school districts, 19 Community Colleges, and 10 four-year Universities in Los Angeles County.

Our goal is to prepare and place our home-grown talent in Los Angeles County, while providing a national model for other regional economies to adopt similar strategies. This partnership will allow us to create a think-tank that can distill the best practices of implementing policies, systems integration and adoption while allowing student innovation and inclusive voice to be seen, heard and nurtured along the way.

Our Key Note

Ted Lai, Apple Education has prepared a key note address that will start with “Why”.  Stay tuned for excerpts from Ted’s presentation and workshop.