Dakar Foundation For The Performing Arts, has been invited by CodeBlack Entertainment CEO, Jeff Clanagan to interview him and produce a student generated television assignment for  LA-Hi Tech  on how to get in the business of digital media.  Stay tuned for updates on this project for Aaron Lemos and Curtis Stage’s students. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa CodeBlack: Jeff Clanagan Shares His Rise from […]

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PROJECT •An Augmented Reality Series based on the USC USC Institute Of Creative Technologies(USC ICT) VITA Multiplatform IP, written/created by Kevin Clark • Number of VR Episodes: 6 • Running Time: 5 minutes each PRODUCTION PARTNERS USC ICT, Fox Innovative Lab DISTRIBUTION & MARKETING PARTNER • AT&T Audience Channel, DirecTV/NOW The 35 Miles To Eden AKA “AMAZING GRACE” The franchise […]

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With a tagline, “Creating the Entertainment City of the Future”, and the exploration of how Los Angeles is creating the entertainment city of tomorrow. From virtual reality to artificial intelligence and social networking, entertainment in the 21st century will engage all the human senses and connect people in new ways. What implications are there for network build out, smart cities, […]

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From Foveated Rendering to Depth Sensing… BrownbagTV’s first collab-up will explore the likely impact of key tech innovations and market forces on the content continuum — both its creation and consumption. With each trend, we’ll explore the underlying innovations and drivers. This volume we’ll unbox VR/AR/MR products for audience trends. #1: Foveated Rendering Lowers the Bar and Ups the Ante, […]

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Our friend and partner Ted Lai unveiled TUNIVERISTY, it’s really PHARRELL TEACHING GARAGEBAND: Apple has a new book on the shelf: Tuniversity, a project co-founded by Pharrell Williams that aims to “reinvigorate” music education by helping teachers use Apple’s Garageband in the classroom. Tuniversitiy’s first offering is a book on how to reproduce Williams’ own song, “Happy,” and includes step-by-step […]

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