As we assemble the deepest, agile, and responsive talent pool we can in Los Angeles County, we keep our eye on the standards set forth by AT&T’s John Donovan who states “He shouldn’t be here”.  To get more context, you have to know the man and his humble beginnings. One of the most insightful conversations I've ever listened to… John […]

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Our crew of three Santa Monica City College writer, director, producers Lawrence Bivens, Shoni doe, and Donovan will be churning out a highlight reel of the San Fernando Links Inc. fundraiser featuring a fireside chat with embattled White House Correspondent April Ryan, and former O.J. Simpson Prosecutor and Santa Monica City College Instructor Christopher Darden. Went out and did my […]

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Digital Hollywood Oct. 18th


Watch @ChrystallJane's broadcast: Fran Drescher talks #cancersmancer #digitalHollywood https://t.co/ZbFk7VJsBK pic.twitter.com/8RFHSjZNCE — Stella☆ (@StellaNelaStnza) October 18, 2018 See Fran Drescher – Oct. 18th – Keynote at Digital Hollywood!! pic.twitter.com/GclTxRgPAn — Victor Harwood (@DH_Conference) September 29, 2018

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The sun has set on another Taste Of Soul. This year felt like a family reunion, and not as much hustle and bustle. Good job organizers, and now the city pride can really take over with the Dodgers going to the World Series. Good Luck LA, although I’m a Giants. https://t.co/znD1Pi5vUL — Kevin Clark (@Homageusa) October 21, 2018 Taste of […]

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Launch successful, The next generation will be armed to compete in the new creative tech economy with this certification. Good job https://t.co/NBL8RNlNRw — Kevin Clark (@Homageusa) October 20, 2018 The Amazon Web Services Education Launch took off safely with a full house on hand at the Luxe Hotel, Los Angeles to share the hope and promise of a promising program […]

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Digital Hollywood Oct. 17th

Gorgeous setting for the Fall ’18 #DigitalHollywood Conference! pic.twitter.com/2HUwXdIZBh — Side Pocket Images (@sidepocketimage) October 17, 2018 I enjoyed speaking to film makers and artists at Digital Hollywood. I talked about why no one cares what they do. Sounds harsh right, I know. But I argue that no one cares what you do. Instead they care about the problem you […]

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Walmart expands entertainment strategy with Intel Capital funded Eko interactive content joint venture Walmart has set up a joint venture with Intel Capital funded interactive video firm Eko to develop cutting-edge entertainment and advertising content that the retail behemoth hopes will drive more customers to its digital platforms. Walmart has made an investment of about $250 million in Eko, a company based in New York and Tel […]

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Just saw some amazing women writer, director, producers at Digital Hollywood yesterday. Ava will find the apprentices through a combined effort that we’re a part of. Stay tuned. https://t.co/RB34hRxvk8 pic.twitter.com/Yb2nteu6Tk — Kevin Clark (@Homageusa) October 17, 2018 MAF Promo!See you next week! pic.twitter.com/OUdpkfHyDY — CSUMediaArtsFestival (@CSUMediaArts) October 9, 2018 View this post on Instagram I placed second in the experimental […]

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LinkedIn report: US April hiring up nearly 20% year-on-year from CNBC. LinkedIn Workforce Report | United States | August 2018 Published on Aug 10, 2018 Economic Graph Team With over 150 million LinkedIn members in the United States, we have unique insight into the real-time dynamics of Americans starting new jobs, learning new skills, and moving to new cities. This […]

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We’re In A Time Of Extreme Distraction


Kevin Clark–Dakar The inaugural Men of Color Leadership Conference 2018: Agents of Change will take place at Santa Monica College this Friday, supporting all California college-age minority male students with academic, personal and professional development. https://t.co/KMScNyGxHn — SM Daily Press (@smdailypress) October 12, 2018 Friday, October 12 @ Santa Monica City College President Santa Monica City College Kathryn Jeffery hosted the first […]

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