Our crew of three Santa Monica City College writer, director, producers Lawrence Bivens, Shoni doe, and Donovan will be churning out a highlight reel of the San Fernando Links Inc. fundraiser featuring a fireside chat with embattled White House Correspondent April Ryan, and former O.J. Simpson Prosecutor and Santa Monica City College Instructor Christopher Darden.

Ryan, was full throated about students getting out the vote, and was troubled over the last 48 hours about the death threats and admonished everyone in attendance not to live tweet because of her concern about security and geo-location of the event.

The 90 minute conversation will be packaged with interviews and sound bites from the audience to showcase our students capabilities to capture and distribute relevant news for students by students. This event will feature touch-points leading up to the upcoming Nov. 6th mid-term elections. Stay tuned for a multimedia package that will showcase  students of color with a voice and their  insights into how this present administration is perceived, especially on social media.

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