Purpose: How to simultaneously build A next generation AT&T supported Incubator/Accelerator for underserved communities while creating charter media academy developed for placement in the tech-creative economy in Silicon Beach.
Agenda: To provide thought leaders an opportunity to meet and get familiar with their aggregate capabilities.

Invited participant will help to answer the questions to derive a pilot project for spring instruction 2017- Task- to assist Ken McNeely in adopting a minimum viable product that will meet the needs of  K-14 students in Los Angeles County to engage in a wide range of activities while learning the importance of community service and stewardship.


The Academy Model is an ambitious initiative that aims to provide critical skills and experiences to youth in underserved areas that will allow them to take advantage of the digital shift that has transformed the technology and media sectors.


We will establish this by deliberately reaching out to the business and private sectors to partner with School Districts K-14 to ensure all students are college and career ready.  We champion the work of our students, faculty, and supporters, and promote their success stories to potential partners site visits.   Through our work, we seek to enhance the branding of the AT&T by brokering relationships within the School Districts and using AT&T El Segundo  as a venue for collaboration and investment from corporate partners such as Apple, Intel, and Cisco, and educational institution such as USC, UCLA, and the State Universities.   The outcome will be the charter group of students, community colleges and individual partners who’s collaborative efforts will enrich the spiritual, physical, nutritional, and mental health of the students who struggle to overcome the lack of resources and hope often associated with underserved communities.



We have assembled an incredible team dedicated to building the initiatives and to create a sustainable pipeline of youth who can step into apprenticeships, internships and job opportunities. We are currently bringing a number of educational initiatives online, including:
Brown Bag TV – A Fab Lab/ AR/VR Maker’s Space Facility Co-located inside of AT&T Physical space
Existing Video Production class (30 Students)- The instructional opportunity for Digital Media Production and initial users of the Brown Bag TV facility featuring  VR Playbook TV Academy
Makers Academy Computer Engineering (30 Students)- They provide subject matter for the Video Production class to report on and also potentially provide technical assistance to the production team.


The cumulative effect of these initiatives will be transformative. Our 5-year goal is to reach 150 students in the program per year producing on average 67 cohorts per year (positive outcomes from the program). Of course, these outcomes will be skewed toward the outer years based on student matriculation through the subject matter, program maturity and increased partner participation.  Ultimately, we expect to produce 150 positive outcomes over the first 5 years and achieve a 25% success rate of delivering capable talent to the workplace (for paid internships or job placement).


Munir Mahmud, Hart Beat Digital

Munir Mahmud, General Manager, Hart Beat Studios wants directors and instructors to think deeply and question how they meet the needs of their learners… WHY they do what they do. Start with WHY, inspire with WHAT learning could look like, and consider HOW to get there. We have an initiative, The Digital Pathway Initiative (DPI), is launching a capital campaign to build a Digital Content Lab (DCL) inside of Hart Beat Digital(HBD).

Hart Beat Studios is an engaging learning experience that focuses on big picture ideas for trends in education to prepare our students for College and Career Readiness in THEIR world. The concepts will be put into action through a hands-on project to get an idea of what’s possible, and they will finish with reflection and planning on how they can get there

About The Proposed Academy
Hart Beat wants to create a team of students, instructors, mentors, to fit inside a space designed as a collaborative venue to change lives and communities for the better.  Hart Beat Studios platform provides a fulcrum for strong academic programs, dedicated faculty mentors, supportive staff, and engaged k-16 students in Los Angeles County.  HBD first phase of philanthropy is to form an Academy Model to connect students to a high-quality and transformative education while providing our communities with a vital broadcast resource Brownbag TV for talent, knowledge, skills, and leadership needed to thrive today and tomorrow.

Our Vision Ted Lai, Apple

Digital technologies are democratizing the creation and distribution of content causing a seismic shift in the business model for traditional movie and television studios. The business strategy has gone to more vertical integration of companies who have cable, TV, and film arms, as well as theme parks and digital media. Burgeoning technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are also emerging as the go-to for the gaming world and other forms of entertainment.

Digital Advertising via social media and similar outlets are quickly overtaking companies advertising spend traditionally allocated to television ads and other legacy forms of advertising. This new ad-spend dynamic is also impacting advertising agencies and agency models.  All of these changes have a significant impact on the LA County Creative Economy and our workforce and will shape the future of the entertainment industry and how Hollywood functions going forward. The D2CL wants to be an inclusive student focused incubator and accelerator for what’s on the horizon.

Visionary, Ted Lai, Apple Education


Ted Lai, Distinguished Apple Educator

The Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program is a relationship program focused on educational excellence and leadership. ADEs are part of a global community of education leaders recognized for doing amazing things with Apple technology in and out of the classroom. They explore new ideas, seek new paths, and embrace new opportunities. That includes working with each other and with Apple to bring the freshest, most innovative ideas to learners everywhere





JAY TUCKER,UCLA Center Management Enterprise Media, Entertainment & Sports