Wednesday August 29th, Dakar Foundation in partnership with Richard Verches executed the first of a series of conversations with corporate, educational, and community stakeholders in Los Angeles County about joining forces to become a force multiplier in the war to win more placements in the creative-tech economy workforce.  The event was held inside the conference room at the corporate offices of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, and we thank  Dr. Tricia Ramos who sponsored our Lunch, the 28 thought leaders who came to support, and most importantly, Donovan Green.

The 28 thought leaders were assembled by Richard , Jay Tucker, and Kevin Clark to introduce the precepts of a regional project for StrongWorkforce, entitled The Center For A Competitive Workforce, that also doubled as the formation of a team for rapid ideation, development and deployment of Dakar’s network supported by AT&T to rally new relationships and to foster consensus on common strategies for success. Related Material

This gathering also witnessed a check presentation from AT&T’s Foundation to Dakar Foundation For The Performing Arts to kickstart our efforts to provide modules of a program entitled the Digital Pathway Initiative. The first roll out of DPI will commence this fall semester at selected partner Community Colleges in the Los Angeles/Orange County region. Stay tuned…

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Donovan Green, Regional Director External Affairs AT&T conducted a 3 hour experience for 200 lucky mentees from the AC Green Youth Foundation at AT&T Campus in El Segundo.  These field trips provide invaluable experiential learning for students of all ages, but especially for inner city youth who are exposed to high level environments like the AT&T campus, and thousands of professionals watching everything.

Donovan and a contingent of AT&T employee resource group volunteers executed three simultaneous modules focusing on Careers at AT&T, the scholastic road map taken to get a coveted internship at the new AT&T, and a glimpse a AT&T engineering, and technology labs.  From our vantage point this tour was an slam dunk for AC Green and his team.  Congrats, and hope to see them again down the road, especially the AT&T Summer interns pictured below.