Pechauer Rogue

Introducing the Rogue 12.4 from Pechauer Custom Cues! The Rogue is a revolutionary entry in the carbon fiber shaft market. Pechauer uses a unique combination of carbon and hi-strength Aramid fibers, as well as a 16″ Slow-Rise pro taper and 12.4mm tip size to create the most accurate and durable Pechauer shaft yet. The Rogue features a thin Juma sighting ferrule and Pechauer’s own Gold medium tip. The Rogue is available in most popular joint styles, and has a collar diameter of .850 for Pechauer Speed Joints and .840 for all other joints.Specifications

Pechauer Custom Cues
Tip: 12.4mm Pechauer Gold Medium
Ferrule: Juma Ferrule Plate
Shaft: 29″ Carbon and Aramid Fiber, Slow-Rise Pro Taper
Collar: Black Collar Only
Joint Options: 3/8 x 10, 5/16 x 14, 5/16 x 18, Speed-Joint Standard, Speed-Joint Pro, Uniloc Quick Release, RadialJoint
Protectors: Not Included
Collar Diameter: .850″ for Pechauer Speed Joint, .840″ for all other styles

Retail: $475.00 + Tax

Review: All in all another last minute arrival yet considerably formidable in both the quality and feel. I do not feel as though many people know of Pechauer, well at least the newbies and those who do know of them really have not given them a chance. Perhaps because they have a proprietary joint, yet one may order the Rogue in the most popular joints for their existing butt ends. I was impressed and feel it may rank up there about 99% of the other carbons, depending on what day it is.. but always in the top runners.

Feel: Like the Mezz and Jacoby yet not as harsh as the Revo the Pechauer Rogue feels good and solid when on a Pechauer butt end.. well at least thats what I demo’ed it on because fortunately one of my best pool buddies bought a limited addition Pech’Y and I got him the shaft direct from Pechauer yet in the 20inch length. I have tried both that and the stardard length and I must say that the feel is good.. not too forgiving yet rigid and with a throwing snap that you feel immediately.

Hit: The hit is crisp and as mentioned in the last column this shaft feels good and it hits good. I do not see any obvious cons or shortcomings from this shaft. I hope that others give it a chance because I would pay full price for this shaft as opposed to paying over retail price for a Mezz Ignite just because they are sparse or far and few in between. Peace out!

Deflection: Like all of the forerunners.. there are many champions in this category and this is one of them. I truly feel that each of the big brands is doing whatever they can to make their carbon deliver and it shows. I have done countless shots trying to measure the variances and it is so difficult that it is like splitting hairs, I believe it is more of a feel with all of these carbons in terms of what to differentiate and how one would make their final choice, yet I believe it all boils down to overall feel and personal preference and we are all so different that is truly is difficult to separate all of these carbons into clear categories.

To summarize the for the money this is a great shaft. (2/5/20)