Well the time has come to add some controversy to the mix on our site as we started out to try and create awareness and spread information to those who were simply trying to decipher and figure out what carbon fiber products were all about and what to purchase.

We knew that this vertical was fragmented and very confusing. Many of the manufacturers who offer products create buzz and trends that often push products that may not be the best value for your dollar.

So what has happened is that as I gathered data from MANY friends, league players, tournament players, my peers, my contacts within the manufacturers and from the streets I found that during the pandemic and in general there is a lack of assertiveness or fire that one would think would be prevalent in this space. In other words I feel that most people remain a bit reluctant to research in a more thorough manner or simply do the research and spread positive reinforcement about the products. What I do hear is the same old back room or pool hall and bar jaded commentary that has always existed about the products in general.

It is a shame that people do not get that what is important to one person is not always important to another person when it comes to feel, feedback, performance or just the simple obvious benefit with value vs dollar!!!!!

I cannot emphasize how much ANY carbon is better than NO CARBON fiber shaft. Think about that for a moment.