Koda Bull

Default Tip: Kamui Black Soft
Beauty Ring: Black Collar
Wall Thickness: 1mm Carbon Fiber shaft wall thickness
Shaft Diameter: 11.75mm, 12.25mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper (appears to be 15 inch)
Ferrule Material: White Juma
Multiple joint types available

I was SUPER EXCITED to receive a Bull Carbon Fiber Shaft this month, for a couple of reasons, yet mainly because it is yet another well constructed carbon fiber shaft that proves that NOT JUST NAME BRAND PRODUCTS ARE THE BEST QUALITY OR PERFORMANCE. With that said, I hope most people understand what I am stating here.  The Bull CF has 1mm thick carbon walls, which they state surpasses all other competitors in durability (Keep in mind it is feel thing). The Bull Carbon comes in two shaft diameters, 11.75 and 12.25, and is available in a variety of joint styles and ARE INTERCHANGEABLE!! Yes, you can change the joint to fit your most popular cues. This feature alone is key for individuals who have many cues with different joints and yet want to mix and match shafts quickly and not sacrifice the integrity of the feel (Because yes it is a feel thing) or performance of their cue.

On a side note, when my shaft arrived the joint was slightly loose and the manufacture did not ship me the tightening tool. I was worried at first yet after speaking to my rep from Koda I was told that by simply tightening the shaft SLOWLY to the butt end of a cue and gently locking down the shaft, the pin insert will tighten and lock. Low and behold it did and has not loosened since. I was truly impressed.

This shaft comes with a black plate featuring a thin white Juma tip pad equipped with a standard black Kamui soft tip. 

THE FEEL: As quickly as I chalked this shaft up, which I placed on a low end Koda butt end, I proceeded to take shots and I have to say that the shaft felt amazing! Furthermore, the fact that I tested the shaft on a low cost entry level Koda butt end proved that shaft performance and quality is everything for SOME players. I know this web site may sound redundant at times, yet one has to realize that to describe a shaft and the performance and feel is best by comparing to what is already out in the market and popular. So here goes, screw everyone if they can’t appreciate the honesty which is our opinion.

The Bull carbon is more forgiving than a Revo, slightly less rigidness than the Mezz Ignite, slightly less than a Jocoby Black yet more rigid than a Muecci Carbon Fiber Pro or the Pinacle and Defy. The feel has a rigid hit yet more solid than most other CF shafts BUT THE DIFFERNCE BEING MORE LIKE A GOOD QUALITY WOOD SHAFT.

Now think about that last paragraph for a moment. Most shooters have not had the luxury of shooting with a traditional GREAT playing Southwest, or even a good Schon or Joss cue or and have not played with a good Dale Perry, Eddie Cohen, Ariel Carmeli cue and my point is that the new CF shafts actually come close and to some feel as though they surpass the for mentioned products at far less cost. 

I love that it was a little more rigid than most yet not as harsh-rigid as a Revo. The Bull has feel and life that takes on its own if you want accuracy and a hard hit but also favorable if you like the old school wood hit. This carbon fiber shaft is a step up your game shaft without the “Having to adjust” that all my Revo owners admit to. It is crazy to me that one would purchase a shaft that they SHOULD have to adjust to. Pool is text book in terms of theory and physics and we all have been shooting enough to know what is right and what is wrong and short of a few bad habits one should be able to shoot consistently and accurately if they are proficient. Therefore, a carbon fiber shaft is simply a better tool that should allow one to shoot more consistently and more accurately. I feel that the Bull carbon does just that if compared to standard wood shafts or older products that do not incorporate technology or craftmanship that make the tool a better product from a performance stand point. The Bull carbon fiber is a great tool for the price!   

In terms of deflection, we all know that all CF shafts delivery less squirt and better accuracy and it is like splitting hairs to compare data, at the end of the day ALL CF shafts are a different animal with features that allow you to be more consistent and hopefully more accurate if you follow the laws of physics and have good form and stroke. Ball speed and ball control are key yet we find that most people pick up the CF shafts and just play better. Call it placebo effect or call it voodoo, just don’t call it a waste of money as I have not had to do maintenance or deal with wood problems of the past and seeing my accuracy and numbers go up is simply the proof in the pudding.

So in a nutshell the Bull really has a great hit and when it comes to drawing the cue ball across the table of dropping the cue ball on a dime for positioning the Bull CF shaft is a great choice and in my opinion probably the best choice next to the Mezz CF.

Be what it may, my best advise is to find a shop and compare. There are too many nuances that are too difficult to breakdown if you are not proficient and really at the end of the day it is about personal preference and personal feel. Find a dealer that carries the koda Bull and try it out you will not be sorry!!!!