Deflection and Squirt

Most players do not understand that when you hit a cue off center OR with “English” or sidespin the cue ball doesn’t go where you aim it. The reaction of the cue ball traversing slightly off is actually “DEFLECTION”.

DEFLECTION is a Billiard Term used to describe what happens when pool player strikes the cue ball outside of the vertical axis OR outside center ball and as they aim in a straight line the cue ball does not accurately follow the straight sighted line intended.

What causes cue ball deflection?The ball turn pushes the tip away sideways causing the end mass of the shaft to move. Mass doesn’t like to move, so it pushes back during contact (because for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction). That’s why the CB deflects (squirts) off line.

A LOW DEFLECTION Shaft was created to have less endmass than a regular shaft and create less cue deflection or squirt so the cue ball heads closer to the line of aim when hitting off center to impart sidespin or english.

The typical player takes years to learn to compensate for it.