Cuetech Cynergy

The all-new Cuetec Cynergy 15K Carbon Composite Shaft. Designed and developed with the input and direction of five-time U.S. Open Champion, Shane Van Boening, the Cynergy 15K was engineered for world-class performance. Constructed with a unique pattern of spun 15K carbon fiber tow, reinforced by a poly-foam core; the Cynergy 15K utilizes an elongated straight-taper, ultra-thin white sighting ferrule, and 12.5mm Tiger® Sniper tip to create a shaft that is packed with carbon fiber performance and the feel and feedback of wood.

NOTE: The 5/16 x 14 joint for this cue will not fit Mezz United pins.Specifications

Cuetec Pool Cues
– Tip:  12.5mm Tiger Sniper w/black replacement layer 
– Taper: Pro taper 15.5 inches
– Ferrule:  ¼” white ABS ferrule
– Shaft: 29″ 15K Carbon Composite with 15 ½” S.S.T. Pro Taper
– Pin Sizes:  5/16×18, 5/16×14, 3/8×10, Radial, Uni-Loc®, 3/8×14
– Measurement:  All diameters are set to 21.3mm/.840″ at the joint EXCEPT the 3/8×14 which are set at 20mm/.800″ to match the Cuetec/Scorpion joint size.
– Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
– Maintenance: Clean with Isopropyl alcohol and a soft, microfiber cloth

Retail : $449.00 + Tax

This carbon fiber shaft was probably one of the most anticipated carbon shafts to arrive on the market since it was the only BIG manufacture second to Predator to create a buzz on the street with its brand. As it arrived I had already heard feedback and I had someone drop in who received one and allowed me to demo the shaft.

The first thing I noticed was that this was not the rigid carbon fiber anywhere close to resembling the Revo. I hate to compare or go in this direction with this review yet it has to be told otherwise there is no basis of comparison advantages or disadvantages that could be discussed.

In a nutshell, it is more forgiving that the Revo, does not have the hollow ping that one hears with the Revo. More importantly it reacts in a manner that is less literal than the Revo in ways that do not make you feel like you are shooting a carbon fiber or lead you to believe that you have to get used to it or retrain yourself. That is the key here. In choosing a carbon fiber shaft one should not have to train themselves to shoot all over again. This should be textbook implementation and results should be obvious.

Upon stroking the shaft one feels the thin 12.5mm radius yet it done not feel like it is severe or radical change. Most traditionalist want the full 13mm and this may seem definitely thinner at 12.5 yet a workable 12.5.

I also have to admit that the Sniper tip not only is a great all around tip but feels forgiving and paired well with this shaft. Many people are now being reintroduced to the Tiger Sniper tip which has been around yet often overlooked.

Shaft feel: Overall I have to admit the shaft pro taper feels great and the appearance is pretty slick. I like it and really it is personal preference.

Shaft hit and throw: What I liked best about this shaft when compared to other carbon fibers is that it dampens the hit yet throws well. In other words it does not hammer the cue ball and it allows one to control shots if you stick to orthodox or textbook theory. In other words throttle back, do not overshoot, use minimal english and watch the results as this shaft does deliver GREAT RESULTS!

Deflection and Squirt: So this is an area that most people will read and have some jaded or mixed feelings yet I have to state that one can only measure and determine the amount of error or deflection and squirt based on how they shoot in practical situations and then measure and determine if the amount is acceptable. In other words, I can measure the deflection and squirt in a number of ways and then compare to other shafts yet I feel that its arbitrary because they are very close in the amount measured in simple tests. It is only when I push the shaft to the limits to see where it holds up and allows me to shoot more accurately with favorable results based on the specific shots I choose during standard play. In other words, my opinion is that this shaft is within the very high and more than acceptable deflection rating when compared to all of the shafts being reviewed. I will note the shafts that DO NOT feel as forgiving and as favorable so please do not take this as a cop out. The Cuetech Cynergy is a great tool and I would rate it higher than most and for the price it is more than acceptable and perhaps one of the leaders in the carbon fiber market yet based on your price point.

More soon as I will do amendment updates and follow up reviews.

To summarize the for the money this is a great shaft. (2/3/20)