Delta Black Wolf

The NEW Black Wolf CF shaft hit the streets during the pandemic and I have to say that it is definitely different than the first gen Delta CF shafts. The Delta logo is now etched on the base of the shaft above the collar and it appears to be slightly more matter grey as other CF shafts than the previous iteration from Delta. See the review below for more info.

Tip 12.4 mm Kamui Black Clear tip
Taper: 15 inch pro taper
Shaft 29 inch Carbon Fiber
Joint Uni Loc
Collar Black Collar
Ferule White

Retail: $469.00 + Tax

Review of the NEW Delta Black Wolf: COMING SOON!

Review of 1st Generation Delta CF with Red Ferual: In general I was VERY VERY pleased with the Delta shaft yet please note for these specific reasons. The Delta Carbon fiber shaft comes in as being the least expensive carbon fiber shaft in the group and for being the least expensive it does a great job. I will admit if I have to choose between the least expensive or a high end maple or low deflection maple, I prefer the Delta rather than no carbon fiber. I know this sounds jaded and 2 years ago I would not have professed that. I have to admit that there are absolute advantages with respect to anti-warpage, non ding, durability. These shafts are extremely durable and deliver great performance. It is all about the tools and taking advantage of the better tools and shooting more consistently with those better tools that help us achieve this.

Shaft hit and throw: As with all the Carbon fiber shafts there is something special in terms of the throw and the accuracy. There is also a bit of dampening that occurs and does not resonate or transfer back to the butt end or inaccurately through to the cue ball. The throw is accurate and the feel will surprise you. I will admit that this is not the prettiest of the bunch, it is a plain matte carbon fiber and seems to look like a charcoal graphite.. which is not bad looking, more raw than the pretty BeCue yet perhaps more of a work horse as oppose to a high end carbon.

Shaft feel: Overall I have to say this is the least expensive and with a good smooth stroke feel. It feels accurate and shines in all area while having that industrial look which is a little more raw and matter than the others.

Deflection and Squirt: So this is an area that most people will read and have some jaded or mixed feelings and I start ALL of the reviews with this dialog with Deflection and Squirt. One may only measure and determine the amount of error or deflection and squirt based on how they shoot in practical situations and then measure and determine if the amount is acceptable. In other words, I can measure the deflection and squirt in a number of ways and then compare to other shafts yet I feel that its arbitrary because they are very close in the amount measured in simple tests. THEREFORE, push the limit on this shaft and it fairs well and better than most as it has some give and feel unlike the more rigid shafts like the Revo. I pushed this shaft to the limits to see where it holds up and allows me to shoot more accurately with favorable results based on the specific shots I choose during standard play and it did well. I was able to run long rail shots and draw long shots with very great accuracy and feel. So as I note with other carbons, when compared to all of the shafts being reviewed this shaft feels very forgiving and as favorable so please do not take this as a cop out. The Delta is a great buy for the price and the feel. I would rate the Delta shaft higher than most because of the affordable price and the solid functionality. This shaft is more than acceptable and perhaps one of the underdog sleeper shafts on the market!

More soon as I will do amendment updates and follow up reviews.

To summarize the for the money this is a great shaft. (2/3/20)