Jacoby Black

The Black Shaft is 12.3mm with a 19inch Pro Taper wih a Kamui Soft Tan Clear and is currently available in Radial joint from our local dealer.  We will be making other Joints in April.  These are only available with the Black Collar.  We will not be making any customizations or modifications on the shaft.  There will be a 45 dollar upcharge for any tip put on the shaft that is not a Kamui Soft Tan Clear. 30″ available for an extra 25 dollars.

Only Radial Pin are getting Joint Protectors

3/8 10   Joint Diameter 0.855 and 0.847″

5/16 14 Joint Diameter 0.835 and 0.47″

5/16 18 Joint Diameter 0.840

Uniloc Joint Diameter 0.841

Radial Joint Diameter 0.847

Retail: $475.00 + Tax


Feel: Overall the Jacoby Black is a solid feel, not so much forgiving yet great feel all around carbon fiber shaft that has significant obvious hit and throw feel that feels just a little more over the top than the other forerunners. I would like to state and this is important that I feel and MANY other proficient players who I have worked with who own and compared all carbons before they purchased stated that the Jacoby is truly on of the top carbons. I would rank it up there with the Mezz Ignite and definitely above the Predator Revo 12.4, yet it is difficult to create an exact ranking given that every pool player is different and feels or is sensitive to specific things that other players may not be and therefore creates a subjective or somewhat fragmented measuring system among these products. I have to say that I personally prefer a slightly more forgiving carbon as I have noted in these reviews as they all fee great when compared to standard and wood low deflection shafts.

Hit: Solid, more precise than a majority of the other carbons, I would rank it within the top 3. People who like the hit of the Jacoby Black noted that they immediately noticed the difference between the Jacoby and others. I felt that it was a little ridgit and hit harder than most yet in a precise and good way, especially if you like a solid hit.

Deflection: One of the top carbons when measuring deflection. Again it is difficult to compare and rank based on practical usage while playing yet the overall performance is and would definitely be obvious and help most players while executing english shots, especially long throw english shots and not seeing as much squirt and deflection.

To summarize the for the money this is a great shaft. (2/4/20)