Spartan Victory

We have had the pleasure of demoing and keeping the new Spartan CF shaft on hand we have to admit that for the money and the performance this is a great product. PLEASE NOTE the Spartan was one of the first CF shafts to offer an interchangeable joint so that if you had more than one butt ends with different pins you are able to change the pin on the shaft to fit all of the most popular cues.

Victory shafts come in a 12.25mm, 29″ shaft, they have a 14″ pro taper that is crafted from one continuous piece of carbon fiber. Spartan claims that the unique construction gives the shaft a uniform stiffness along both the shafts length and circumference.

The top 8″ of the Victory Carbon shaft is filled with an ultra-lightweight foam, which preserves the low-end mass, dampens unwanted vibration, and produces a more appealing sound (even on off-center hits!) Victory claims the shaft to be maintenance-free ultra-smooth finish that is dent and ding resistant.

The interchangeable joint comes in Uniloc, Radial, 3/8 x 10, 5/16 x 14, and 5/16 x 18.

All Spartan Victory Carbon shafts are manufactured and assembled in the USA, and include a limited lifetime warranty.

Spartan offers complete pool cues as well, yet not carbon fiber construction.
Ferrules for the Victory: 3mm Black or White Juma
Length of shafts: 29″
Shaft: Continuous Carbon Fiber

Feel: I have to admit that I like the Spartan Victory yet it is not my favorite of all of the shafts we have reviewed. It is definitely in the top 4 and that is because the CF shaft market is now saturated with MANY products that just feel great!  So all in all the feel is consistent with most CF shafts, it is forgiving yet rigid and stiff by comparison to most, yet not as stiff or rigid as the Revo, which isn’t a bad thing! The Victory is forgiving yet not as forgiving as a couple of other such as the Defy or the Muecci CF Pro. 

Once again this is a personal preference thing. Most people will find that the deflection accuracy is great and a definite improvement when comparing traditional maple shafts, yet you have to split hairs to compare and rank the throngs of CF shafts on the market.  I have to say that the overall feel of the Spartan is very high, very solid and balanced such that most people do not even feel any difference to a traditional wood shaft.

I do not favor the CF shafts where people feel a difference and state that they had to get used to or adjust to the carbon fiber. A carbon fiber shaft should feel natural in a sense that one should not have to reinvent their stroke or game to use a CF shaft.

Find a dealer with a Spartan Victory and give it a shot… or a rack and you won’t be sorry!