This site was created and is maintained by Ruben Garcia, I was born and raised and I started my career in High Tech in Silicon Valley. I am a designer, an entrepreneur, a musician, a writer, a publisher, a philanthropist and an inventor…. oh and an avid pool player since the age of 7. 

I have a design, engineering and programming background and political science work background as well. I build pool cues, guitars, design and fabricate products, own and produce products on 3D printers (with Carbon Fiber filament as well) and I build traditional and new cutting edge pool related products. I also design and fabricate products for another one of my businesses that produce leather and hardware fashion products.

I currently manage the oldest billiard retail store and billiard pro shop in Silicon Valley. I am the senior buyer and I work on cues just about every day while working with all of our customers whom many are APA, BCA, bar league and tournament players.

So why did I create this web site:
When Carbon Fiber shafts started to become more popular and pervasive I felt that there was no epicenter, no one place to gather constructive and informative feedback or reviews on Carbon Fiber shafts and products alike.

I created this web site for a couple of reasons, first and foremost to provide information on the new carbon fiber shafts because so many people were asking and not able to TRY other products as quickly as we do.

Secondly I felt that the market for CF (Carbon Fiber) products have quickly built momentum and there is and has been a misconception with OLDER LEGACY products such as Graphite, Aluminum, Titanium and Fiberglass that were not like any of the NEW TECHNOLGY CF products that are now in abundance.

Lastly, I wanted to provide reviews, insight and information from the major manufacturers, myself and my peers and individuals who would like to contribute to building an epicenter for information on these products. (Scroll down the page past the general info below to view and select carbon fiber shafts reviewed).