BeCue Carbons (PrimeM, KShaft, Engage)

Patented front end technology AURORA, Prime M represents the perfect synthesis of performance and comfort during the game. Its low rise pro taper shape is perfect in allowing the player an optimal positioning of the hand in any type of shot. The secret of this shaft is the unique construction process: the twill carbon fibers combined with a carbon-kevlar layer to end with a Becue special non-oriented fiber carbon coating. The Prime M is the result of 10 years of research, testing and close collaboration with the best and most demanding players in the world. The main challenge was to create a very low deflection shaft but at the same time comfortable and performing in all situations. The Prime M is the result of all this. We also paid special attention to the sound of our Prime M, the result is a full and pleasant sound with every hit. Also this feature makes the Becue shaft unique.

Model: Prime M

  • Front End Technology: AURORA patended, Vision ferrule
  • Joint type: B-Loc (Becue standard) – Radial – Uniloc – 3/8×10 – 3/8×11- 5/16×14
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Standard Tip: Core Tip Becue
  • Taper: Low Rise
  • Tip diameter: 12mm & 12.5mm
  • Shaft length: 29 inches standard, 30 inches or 31 inches available
  • Tip: Becue CORE tip M (standard), CORE S and H available, KAMUI® black SS, S, M, H available

Retail $499.00 + Tax

The BeCue carbon fiber shaft was one that came out of nowhere in the midst of the new carbon fiber shaft race.. coming from Italy it was considered the elite or most elaborate and most expensive at the time of its introduction. Since then they are now more easily had they are showing up on US domestic retails stores and websites. Note that the proprietary joint is something to consider as I felt immediately that it is efficient yet limits using this on other butt ends.

The first thing I noticed was that this was far more rigid than other carbon fiber shafts including the Revo, yet it felt controllable and not so literal. I realize this sounds like a paradox, yet it is the best way to describe it and some of these shafts are just this way, not what they seem and results are surprising. The BeCue is efficient, very modern looking and very well made. It is obvious upon putting it in your hands and feeling it.

In a nutshell, it is more rigid and feels more accurate than ALL of the other shafts, yet not as forgiving as the Cuetech, Muecci or some of the other lower price shafts. The sound and the feel is solid and more favorable with those who want precision. This shaft creates great hits while looking and feeling great in your hands. Once again what is key is that one should not have to train themselves to shoot all over again. This should be textbook implementation and results should be obvious and the BeCue fairs well to the average player and more proficient players alike.

Upon stroking the shaft one feels the radius to be larger than what it seems and this not a bad thing. Many of the other carbons are coming in at a standard 12.5mm and they seem skinny.

The UltraSkin tip was a new arrival and now becoming popular and works well with this shaft. The hit is a great all feel regardless of center or english shots.

Shaft feel: Overall I have to admit this shaft feels very very solid and not as foregiving as other carbon fibe shafts. The taper and surface of the BeCue shaft is truly a great feels great and the appearance is pretty slick. I like it and really it is personal preference. I feel that this is the best of breed in terms of quality and the weight system and components are head and shoulders above all the others when you really look closely at the construction and the product.

Shaft hit and throw: What I liked best about this shaft when compared to other carbon fibers is that it dampens the hit yet throws well. In other words it does not hammer the cue ball and it allows one to control shots if you stick to orthodox or textbook theory. In other words throttle back, do not overshoot, use minimal english and watch the results as this shaft does deliver GREAT RESULTS!

Deflection and Squirt: So this is an area that most people will read and have some jaded or mixed feelings yet again.. the deflection and squirt seem to be far less with this shaft therefore in terms of differentiation in the upper percentile and maybe measuring in at the best shaft with the least deflection and squirt. Please note that this shaft has a proprietary joint yet may be purchased now with most popular joint sizes.

More soon as I will do amendment updates and follow up reviews.

To summarize the for the money this is a great shaft. (2/21/20)

Engage Shaft 11.8 mm

Pure full carbon shaft experience. Engage has been designed to offer the players a pure full carbon experience, starting from the taper, passing through the sound and arriving at its surface finish. It was born with these objectives, and after years of research and development, starting from the already excellent Prime M and using our experience in composite fiber world, we managed to get what we wanted. The Engage shaft is made entirely of unidirectional carbon fiber, with several suitably sized and oriented layers coupled together to enhance as much as possible the positive characteristics of carbon in relation to the game of billiards. The lamination used, combined with the 14” pro taper and the famous patented front end technology AURORA, offers very great rigidity and a great reaction speed to external mechanical stresses while remaining very light. This results in extreme low deflectionextreme accuracy, the ability to transfer great effect to the cue ball even at low speeds and great control. In order to enhance the material as much as possible, we opted for a light soundproofing, preserving the acute, metallic and almost harmonic notes of the carbon fiber, dampening and rounding off those that are too high, jagged and annoying.
Pure carbon also for the finish, made pleasant to the touch, clean and smooth thanks to a careful work of sanding and polishing that makes the perceived comfort on the fingers lasting over time without the need for great maintenance. The brand new Engage shaft is not proposed as an evolution of the Prime, but as its alternative. It offers completely different features, more technical, more aggressive, designed and built not to be a copy of something else, but to be the highest expression of carbon fiber in cue sports according to Becue’s interpretation.

Features & Customization:
  • Tip diameter: 11.8 mm & 12.3mm
  • Joint diameter: world pool standard 21,3 mm
  • Front End Technology: AURORA patented, Vision ferrule
  • Shaft length: 29 inches standard, 30 inches or 31 inches available
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Available joints: B-Loc (Becue cues), Uni-Loc®, Radial®, 3/8×10, 3/8×11, 5/16X14, 5/16X18 (flat), Mezz® United, Mezz® Wavy, Blank
  • Taper: low rise
  • Tip: Becue CORE tip M (standard), CORE S and H available, KAMUI® black SS, S, M, H available.