Wha Is A Trim Tab?


What is a trim tab?

From the ranks of the Los Angeles Community College system comes a trim tab named Alton Glass  .  Alton is what we’ve been looking for to fuel our Digital Media Mentorship Program.  The question is can we pull together all of the elements so that Alton can become the trim tab that leads 30 selected Community College students to be part of a CRU that will be tasked to create, producer and socialize a commercial grade project?  If so, we’ve got the perfect formula for providing talented, underserved students with the necessary credit(s) and body of work needed for them to qualify for union, guild, and overall industry placement in below and above the line production.

We first met Alton several years ago at our Digital Pathway Initiative Dinner @ Digital Hollywood, and was re-connected through one of our industry partners, Hart Beat Studios.  Alton has shown the ability to master 2D storytelling and integrated VR/AR at an award winning level.  His journey from West Valley Community College to Award winning, writer, director, producer who desires to hire LACCD students is too good not to share.

Alton Glass is a shinning example of what we hope to achieve in developing a  poster child for what LACCD students can achieve, and follow in his foot steps in developing a true above-and below the line pipeline for LACCD students in Digital Media/ICT. Alton has profited in the gold rush to combine VR/AR, and we’re betting that he can share his pathway(s) with a select group of LACCD candidates for a pilot project that will have the opportunity to post IMDB credits that will raise their profile for placement. He’s our pick to lead the next generation of LACCD students in getting ahead of the curve in in preparation for competing for those coveted internship-apprenticeships that are so elusive, even for those best educated, certified and polished from the ranks of UCLA and USC.

The Watson Center (Educational Promo) from Alton Glass on Vimeo.