Submittable Proposal Final copy

Dakar Media Academy and its student activist agency Through The Student Lens  just completed a private tour at the Sony Motion Production Center (DMPC), a one-of-a-kind new training one stop for everything production. the new space is Glassell Park, built from scratch. Dakar took students from the JFK Magnet High School in Granada Park to the old location inside of Stage 7 on the Sony lot in Culver City.  That space is now the Sony Innovation lab .

The rebirth of DMPC is now a space converted from a warehouse designed and built more for a laboratory focused training and testing-production outcomes for major studios such as Marvel, Indy production, as well as students.  Dakar’s plans to take 30 student candidates to DMPC to expose them to the technology but also provide insights on the numerous unpaid internships available for any student who’s willing to submit to the rigor and focus of a high touch high impact experience that may land them a gig somewhere inside of Sony’s Universe.

The mission quote for DMPC is ” We believe the production community needs a place to come together, share experiences and stay current with the latest digital technology. With the creation of the DMPC, Sony has made a long term commitment to strengthening their ties to the film community. The DMPC is located at: 2706 Media Center Drive, Suite 130, Los Angeles, CA 90065.

The DMPC offers weekly hands-on training on Sony’s full range of Super 35mm cameras—especially the groundbreaking F65 CineAlta™ digital motion picture camera and the new Venice Camera. A complete set where filmmakers can shoot 6K media, process them through a 6K workflow and view the results on a Million dollar giant CLED screen projector! It also offers:

  • +Camera and lens testing/training
    +Dailies, Editorial and DI workflow optimization
    +3rd Party Solutions in lighting, sound, and post