Dakar Interactive envisions a regional program that is part of other national Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEAM) programs to provide children (students) as interns or employees for research institutions, and other related programs based on performance, or potential and recommendations of associated local Centers of Influence in Silicon Beach.

Dakar recognizes that there is a population of talented students between the ages of 13-24 who are being left out of STEAM career fields by omission or commission of current development systems. In order to get the best, and representative, talent of America in these fields, a developmental system must be in place similar to baseball, whereby talent and potential are recognized and developed.

The program is designed to improve outreach opportunities for underserved communities (primarily color and ethnicity) through activities and engagement, leveraging other concerned and capable agencies and organizations.

Talent will be evaluated through competitive events like Techathons and Careers Fairs.

Events will occur in locations that provide density of expertise and transport students from locations of areas that are composed of the most underserved. Locations, like: Silicon Beach, Silicon Valley, concerned Universities and, innately, HBCUs and HHCUs are natural fits for analysis/tryouts. Talent will be pooled and pulled using Social Media and Dakar Centers of Influence within communities.

Currently Scheduled events include:

Long Beach Indie Fest

Social Media Week


Digital Hollywood

Expected Audience include:


USC,UCLA Black Alumni




LAUSD Art Entertainment