The Arts Careers Technology+(Enhanced) On-Ramp (ACTOR)) consortium, is a collective mechanism for the maintenance and development of a mentorship, early apprenticeship and a career placement portal. The ACTOR consortium will include members for the broadest possible international representation) who will host meetings (on a rotating basis), commit institutional resources (in the form of mentors) to building a membership base and to supporting the editorial operations associated with the ACTOR consortium.  Host will be chosen by the transition team.

The other members of the ACTOR consortium will initially be drawn from community based organizations, scholarly societies, and other groups with a proven and acknowledged interest in mentorship, internship, apprenticeship in tech-entertainment career pathways; These members will commit resources to belong to the ACTOR consortium, in exchange for which, each will receive updates and all rights to data and best practices case studies.  The ACTOR consortium itself may include individuals who are not themselves from member institutions.

Dakar as the original sponsors of the ACTOR consortium will retain prominent roles in the early phases of the proposed consortium, but the long-term goal of the Consortium is to put the entity on independent footing as a self-sustaining non-profit organization.  The basic assumptions of the ACTOR consortium is that, in order to survive and to succeed, the ACTOR consortium must:

    • build a larger, stronger, and more open community, and this community must, by definition, be international and interdisciplinary;
    • continue and expand its participation and representation in the broader Tech-Arts Education world;
    • remain freely and publicly available to all users.

Los Angeles Unified School District Arts Education

Los Angeles Hi Tech

Los Angeles Chamber Of Commerce Bixel Exchange

My Brother Keepers Alliance

CAA Foundation

Sci Fi Generation


Digital Hollywood

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation

Digital Hollywood 4 Education

Dakar Foundation For The Performing Arts

Cradle 2 Career 360

AT&T Aspire




The ACTOR consortium will assist students to register and upload their multi-media catalogs, as well as assist in the building of their portfolios and train them to update and manage all of their networks.

The ACTOR consortium will provide solutions and Multidimensional Connected Tools:

Connect to our series of Workshops geared to engage highly gifted students pursuing individualized programs of radical acceleration achieve high, sometimes extraordinary, levels of academic success at college and university and tend to enter high-status careers that provide ongoing intellectual challenge and stimulation and in which they continue to excel.

- Workshop Series “Introduction 2 You” will integrate social skill set tools with the early entry college career academics program to ensure cognitive awareness of self. For a success outcome of all opportunities that is provided through Intel, Google and etc.

- We also have additional Workshops such as ‘Customized Career Path-ing’ that includes processes and programs that identify Career Exploration and Targeted candidate systems.

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