This weeks class featured capture and review of the sights and sounds from the newly minted Creating Reality Hackathon (CRH) at USC. I finished four days of exploration and collaboration with over 400 hackers from all over the world. I was one of 2,000 applicants to participate, while Terrence served as a mentor. Our class at Los Angeles Mission College will someday be prepared to submit themselves for qualification into this kind of Hacks, but for now, we’ll hold off on rapid ideation and development until we get the technology into their hand.

A new friend and future guest Jazzy Harvey was one of the many people Terrence and I met at  CRH, March 12-15th. We’re planning on bringing Jazzy into our classroom, so the students can interview her and pick her brain for the latest in techniques and tactics on Immersive Media.



The clips below as well as the Livestream link directly below.  Our class is rendering down to a few dedicated students who are spending their day off with us with no credits or credentials.   Terrence and I are mentoring the program and committed to help place them in internships, apprenticeship and scholarships by end of the semester.  Please join us, especially if you know Unity, and other Immersive media software.