recap_logo-RED-2It’s day 4 of the Creating Reality Hack (CRH) and all of the finalist have been notified and are now presenting for the cash and prizes.  The talent that assembled here from all over planet was amazing. The corporate firepower was was firt -rate, take a look at the list of sponsors and you multiply it by 100 for the kind of brand impact, prize money and swag that will be awarded.  The only way you can get a sense of the activity besides our video and tweets is to check out the CRH  Slacker , Github , and Devpost  channels.  I had many goals and obstacles to getting accepted to the CRH as a novice, but the one thread I can’t ignore is that I may be seeing the unveiling of the next RiRi Williams & Shuri.  Finals Blog

The big takeaways for me are that there is still a lot of work to do in bringing the creatives and the developer s together to produce compelling storytelling. But there is hope as I met several people who may become the coalition of the willing and have the hybrid mindset to lead the way for my community of digital learners who need inclusion, structure and strategy to do the rapid ideation needed to level the playing field and master their Why?

I was happy to see a contingent of people of color, and met as many as I could without disrupting their reasons for being at Creating Reality Hack, which was to compete. The new friends of note, Michael McNair, Krstyal Cooper, Hannes Bend and many more to numerous to mention in this blog. The tweets  and videos I’m going to post in this blog are my interpretation (only) of what I saw and heard during the first day.

My original goal was to  help open the minds of the organizers to let the stakeholders  and students in public high schools and community college observe and job shadow the participating hackers and hack-mentors, but after going through the process and submitting my self through the application process I see how there may have been a lot more questions than answers being provided in real time.

Special thanks to Matt Doyle for taking me through the paces and sharing with Omar and I about his path to and future goals for Immersive media career exploration.