Diversity Vs. Inclusion

As the old saying goes, ‘diversity is being invited to the dance, inclusion is being asked to dance.’ It’s no longer good enough to be just present, and in many respects, even inclusion is no longer enough – today, it’s more about the feeling of belonging. As soon as you feel you belong, it changes the feeling of being different from a negative to a positive.

I attended a discussion about Diversity and Inclusion, Monday, September 18, produced by Jay Tucker, mainly because Jay’s events are must see TV, and I wanted to meet Ken McNeely, and hear his vision for shaping AT&T’s future workforce. I left asking the same questions regarding, why and how theses future discussion will put a dent in the paltry numbers of opportunities for people of color in the emerging tech-entertainment boom in Silicon Beach.


One of the features of the discussion was “The Report On Diversity in Hollywood” produced by Darnell Hunt.  Also of note was a conversation between Tre’ Velle Anderson and Effie Brown, and a panel moderated by Jay and featuring Ken McNeely, whose story punctuated the conversation.