The Future Of Mobil Back Pack Journalism/Production, OurStory


Traditional Journalism will never go away, but Backpack journalism is a craft of one person using smaller and smaller hand-help digital cameras to tell stories in a more intimate and more immediate way that you cannot achieve using a crew with multiple members and a large shoulder-held camera.  Darnnela Frazier’s epic moment of George Floyd’s murder is a graphic illustration of this fact.  Back Pack Journalist are preditors, as they do it all, they’re the cameraperson, the sound-person, the correspondents, the writers, narrators, and ultimately the producer.

This is possible because of the technologies we have today. Nowadays cameras are so simplified, that one journalist can actually do the entire reporting on his own and this makes it more intimate. They give subjects, they give characters, and you have some measures of control over the process Also, people want to speak with you because of these small cameras while they are sometimes afraid of large cameras. It’s is a the perfect way to break down economic barriers for inner city story tellers who otherwise could not get the technology in their hands and lear hands on to share their voice and narratives.

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