Silicon Beachhead After Action Review

Dakar+ AT&T + One-Sheet

Donovan Green engineered a career day for students of Santa Monica College, featuring 20 selected students from two programs at Santa Monica College (SMC).  The first program is “The Black Collegians Program/Umoja Community at SMC.  It’s a program  designed to assist students of African descent in transferring to four year universities and obtaining their Associate degree.

Donovan Green, External Affair, AT&T

They offer services to help students become academically competitive and to set personal goals. The Black Collegians program staff and counselors provide a constant source of encouragement to SMC students and work with SMC Students to ensure that their needs are met. They are located within the Counseling Complex in the African American Collegian Center at SMC.

Kevin Clark-Dakar Foundation


“The second program is the ADELANTE Program which is a success-oriented program focusing on academic achievement, transfer, cultural awareness, and personal growth. Adelante classes emphasize verbal, written, and critical thinking skills essential to college success. Classes accentuate the Latino experience within the context of the course subject, and most classes offer credits that are transferable to the UC and CSU systems. “


Regina Hagen– AT&T HR – Internships, Careers at AT&T

One of the highlights of the morning sessions was Dakar’s participation in the speaker series. Dakar brought our team of mentors, trainers, and current student interns from SMC to showcase our willingness to share our past, present and future programs that have resulted in a few students in the day long event to express in participating in our upcoming Digital Skills Bootcamp.

Emmanuel IhekeAT&T 2018 Summer Intern, UCLA Junior

Meia Johnson

Terrence Coles

Shoni Doe

Lawrence Bivens

Jeffrey Thompson

Donovan Ends This Session

Contributing Mentors Ret. Brig. General A. Bray

Contributing Mentors Jay Tucker, UCLA

Contributing Mentors Chris Darden

Contributing Mentor D Stevens

Contributing Mentor Lisa Snow McDonald