Building The Superior Candidate For Careers In Silicon Beach

AT&T is teaming up with Dakar Media Academy to launch a Pre-Apprenticeship Digital Skills Bootcamp empowering aspiring creators to compete for jobs in Silicon Beach.  The program will weaponize the grads from the 8 -week bootcamp to compete and share their rigorous experience from leaders in the creative, human resources and recruitment realm in Silicon Beach, and to keep them on pace with futurist.

The program has recruited it first charter member group of students from Los Angeles Mission College, Santa Community College, and select students from underclass men from 4-year programs near Silicon Beach.



Big Data,The Perfect Blend: Tech, Marketing, Media

Jay Tucker,  kicks off our boot Camp by inviting us to attend the the UCLA annual Big Data Conference ,Friday, November 16, We’ll get to see a systems integration of  brand marketers, marketing analysts, media executives, and technology innovators. This year’s conference will focus on IMPACT – how data changes the way we do business, enables new opportunities, and transforms teams.


Oral Presentation, How To Impact Your Audience

Treasure the first 60 seconds: Don’t waste your first minute by thanking your hosts or fiddling with your remote. This is when audience members will decide whether to pay close attention or secretly take out their phone.  Imagine you are in front of a firing squad and the commander says, “Give me one reason I shouldn’t shoot you right now.” Your opening should be mesmerizing enough to convince him to lower his squad’s guns and sit down and listen.


Written Presentation, How To Translate  In Any Language

What should a writer do if asked to leave written material with a producer after a pitch? A new outreach campaign, No Writing Left Behind, launched by the Writers Guild of America West aims to educate members on the answer: Don’t do it.

In a recent survey conducted by the Guild, screenwriters reported that after initial meetings they were frequently being asked by producers and executives to leave behind or submit via email written materials. This is referred to as prewriting because it is work created by a writer before being hired and can include outlines, notes, and treatments. Prewriting is essentially free work prior to employment and the push by producers and executives to have it submitted was cited in the survey as one of the most pressing issues screenwriters are facing.



Collaboration/Team Work/ SMC/LA Mission

We’ll train the students from different disciplines and different college to be successful in collaboration and teamwork in a mock workplace environment.   The key to building an overall meaningful, sustainable, and inspiring work environment is the goal.  We’ll rely on teamwork inside of creativity, innovation, and alignment. We will strive to build and foster a successful collaborative experience with all of the students to build  a comprehensive video, social media, portal partnered with Santa Monica Corsair News.  The platform DPI will allow all student collaborators to test their learning using online tools to self-publish and distribute on-demand.



AT&T and Magic Leap challenged developers, designers, storytellers and creators to start pioneering in the world of Spatial Computing.  AT&T and Magic Leap provided a unique opportunity to top developer team  in the mixed reality and spatial computing space.We ‘ll get an opportunity to learn from participating teams on what the qualification were to get invited, and their strategies to compete and win cash prizes and recognition amongst their peers.  We’ll showcase the Magic Leap One and AT&T technical mentorship teams assisting developers on how to get  projects finished on time.



The Future Of Mobil Back Pack Journalism/Production

Traditional Journalism will never go away, but Backpack journalism is a craft of one person using smaller and smaller hand-help digital cameras to tell stories in a more intimate and more immediate way that you cannot achieve using a crew with multiple members and a large shoulder-held camera. Back Pack Journalist are predators, as they do it all, they’re the cameraperson, the sound-person, the correspondents, the writers, narrators, and ultimately the producer.

This is possible because of the technologies we have today. Nowadays cameras are so simplified, that one journalist can actually do the entire reporting on his own and this makes it more intimate. They give subjects, they give characters, and you have some measures of control over the process Also, people want to speak with you because of these small cameras while they are sometimes afraid of large cameras.  It’s is a the perfect way to break down economic barriers for inner city story tellers who otherwise could not get the technology in their hands and lear hands on to share their voice and narratives.

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Capture/Live Stream Broadcasting To Social Networks

Multiple technologies have revolutionized the ability to cover anything, anywhere, anytime.  Technologies such as – Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram Live as well as drones give capture the ability to broadcast live direct into a social media feed and bypass third-party intermediaries.  This has enabled organizers to tap directly into fanbases and drones have changed, well, let’s be honest… what haven’t they changed?.

However, with the advent of new technology has given high end productions a chance to do its thing, it’s brought down the cost dramatically. 


The Evolving Face Of Monetization/Advertising/Distribution

XR, blockchain, voice, and AI & machine learning have all become part of  the futurist lexicon.  We’ll break down the glossary of terms that are fundamental in understanding where the business of the business of  digital media is going.  With  emerging technologies that are creating new businesses and transforming audience measurement, improving digital content, driving personalization of brand experiences, and more.  Business leaders are increasingly focusing on cultivating innovation on their teams, driving adoption across their companies and communicating the ROI of innovation to the industry.

Key Takeaways

Building portfolios for each cohort member will be key performance Indicator that we’ll be managed by a group of human resource and recruitment specialist.  Certifications, mini-certifications, and badges will be earned at the end of the 8-week boot-camp.  Key among the takeaways will be the Business Information Workers Certification, and the DPI Badge that features, time, accountability and community service certificates of completion.