recap_logo-RED-2Last weeks class was a mashup of instruction, lab, and production as the class was split in two, with Omar Castaneda taking one group, and Mylrell Miner taking the other group to direct and publish promotional videos to be edited at a later date in Adobe Premiere and presented as a VR product.

This week we’re going to the Creative Reality Hack at USC and next week to the AT&T Development Lab workshop in El Segundo. This journey will culminate with a student-generated and produced event promoted to collapse the barriers to entry in Silicon Beach for Los Angeles County young adults. Stay tuned as every week we’ll provide a progress report to build towards “The Summit”, slated for Friday May 25th.

Derek Alan-Rowe, collaborator and instructor for the AT&T Development Lab workshop on 360 Video gives the class some perspective on why 360 and a preview of the presentation he’ll make to our class on Tuesday, March 20th read more

Below are some of the capture from last weeks class, March 9th.