Kevin Clark-DakarOct- 13

Innovation in Video Advertising: Enhancing Brand Experience – Maximizing Revenue in Syndication, Ad Insertion and Live Streaming


Early Thursday morning we hustled over to see the MULTIPOP  (MP) platform inside of a Digital Hollywood 2017 panel, and left energized about what this advertising and monetization system could do to enhance our student generated VR/AR project entitled the Fallen 66.  I was introduced by a good friend and the Managing Director of the Californial State University Entertainment Alliance, Simone Nelson who was already seated with the founder Josh Lamb when she introduced me as educator.  We were all there as invited guest of Victory Harwood’s Hollywood & Space Dinner, and through the evening tossed around some what if’s.

Through the power of networking, Josh offered to let us use the system gratis for our the educational outreach of Fallen 66, so I felt compelled to support the panel, not knowing anything about the features and benefits of MP.  Prior to meeting Josh, I was researching the ways to make our partnership with an AT&T Content Management Pilot for first quarter 2018, and came away more strategic than imagined about the ROI MP could provide. Its a shame that the panel was scheduled so early, because the exchange was deserving of a much larger audience, but nonetheless, the two presentations below were powerful illustrations of the power of of his tool, especially on Youtube.

Josh Lamb, Founder and CEO, Multipop:  Lamb has proven himself a business innovator, bringing a fresh vision and bold approach to industry leaders from retail to entertainment. By 2008, Lamb had dumped the traditional business world for the uncharted digital realm, where he developed a new, innovative means of cultivating engaged online audiences that attracts content providers, brand partnerships and new revenue opportunities.  In 2009, Lamb co-founded The Shadow Gang, a transmedia content development company built to develop an original experience called BZRK.

He partnered with best selling author Michael Grant and Egmont Publishing to test the theory that a multi-platform narrative experience could help build an audience and global reach. It worked, generating sales of foreign book rights in over 14 countries and movie option rights to Sony Pictures within a year of launch and prior to the mainstream book release.  From there, Lamb developed Multipop. Built with content creators and their publishers at the core, Multipop can transform video with interactive content. In minutes, and sharable across virtually any platform, users can add a variety of content items like merchandise, advertising, commentary and voting, all without disrupting the viewing experience. Lamb’s goal: help producers deliver effective money making content and deliver great user experiences to the audience, everyone can win