Dakar Interactive was front and center at the 3rd annual CTE Symposium.  Our high school students from the JFK Magnet will be briefed on all of the great news coming out of the symposium this upcoming week.

Dr. Alex Dean Davis welcomed the distinguished room of trustees, chancellors, deans, instructors, and students from the Los Angeles County Districts of Southern California Community Colleges.

This year’s symposium is comprised of community colleges throughout the Los Angeles Region, and Sponsored by Joni Topper JP Morgan Chase & Co-LA and Strong Workforce Program.

The Symposium convened students and professional industry and business experts for a 2-day experience that will focus on “Your Talent, Your Career, Your Choice.”  Learn key strategies to successfully navigate your career including:

    • Promising practices and strategies from key experts that have demonstrated success in the industry
    • An overview of career mapping that will help you develop an effective educational and career plan to take your career to the next level
    • Design and develop a career website, film, and marketing material to showcase and create your career portfolio

Participants attending the symposium are required to participate in 4 pre-work sessions (1-in-person meeting on Saturday, March 25 at Los Angeles City College, and 3 webinars), develop a 60-second video submission, and attend the 2-day symposium.

LA-Hi Tech was mentioned early and often, we saw several familiar faces, Deputy Section Navigators Dan Watanabe, Doris Driver and entertainment placement executive,  Ted Milner.

Registration also includes a commitment to developing and uploading a 60-second video, that describes why you chose your major, what activities you have participated outside the classroom to enhance your knowledge of the industry, and how you plan to transition into your career. One of the top features was the tutorial of the connected App sponsored by JP Morgan Chase.

All panels provided critical feedback to the student to enhance his/her career portfolio, with the use of the App, the impact of the two-day event will be realized.

We look forward to seeing the video of the session posted so that we can review for our students @ LA Mission, LA Valley, and LAUSD.