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Josiah Jones is the brain behind an LA-based artists collective that’s showcasing  black identity through their creativity. It’s powerful display of free black expression, highlighting diversity and vitality of the black experience in contemporary art. Showcasing a variety work ranging from abstract to figurative and various mediums.  I was invited by a colleague, and was overwhelmed with the complete experience, from art to the vibe, and the DJ was dope too.
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Black In Every Color by Valence Studios

A group exhibition curated by Josiah David Jones for The Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood.  Highlighting the richness, detail, and dynamics of black perspective and our influence on culture + creativity.

Josiah shares that, “free black expression refers to our ability as black individuals to freely express ourselves and our thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of reprisal or discrimination. This can encompass a wide range of forms of expression, including artistic expression, such as through music, art, and literature, as well as more traditional forms of communication, such as speech and writing.”

We have often faced significant barriers to freely expressing ourselves, particularly in the context of history, when we were often denied basic rights and freedoms. In more recent times, we continue to face discrimination and prejudice, which can impact our ability to freely express ourselves.  However, despite these challenges, we have always found ways to express ourselves and our experiences, often through creative and innovative means. This has contributed to our rich and diverse cultural heritage as black people and has played an undeniable role in shaping contemporary society.

Johnson said “this show is to share a moment where we can be as we are and express freely. This show is about the ability of us being able to just have fun.”