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Crenshaw-February 20

As one of the many exciting programs that Dakar witnessed during the PAFF  Film Festival, the PAFF Institute serves as a platform to amplify the voices of industry powerhouses, community influencers, sports figures, cultural icons, thought leaders, and disruptors who seek to educate, inspire and empower those who desire personal and professional elevation. The PAFF Institute makes necessary conversations happen… and when these conversations happen, we were definitely in the room!

The Tec.nique panel offered our apprentices the most compelling takeaway from the 12 day experience as well as the most timely.  With Unreal Engine and other Artificial Intellegence technology invading the creative process, Dakar was overly impressed by this presentation and want more from this empaneled collective.  The panel was produced by Rashidi Jones, Tec Leimert is a collaborative platform creating a blueprint for urban communities to harness the power of creativity and ingenuity to build sustainable lives in the digital economy.

The Tec Leimert story began with a communal experience in South Los Angeles where urban professionals, entrepreneurs and students engaged with industry experts, thought leaders and influencers to unpack career pathways to monetize in the industries that have been disrupted by tech.

Tec Leimert states that this platform has grown to service a general investment to bring the future of technology and entertainment to an audience ready for access to new and innovative opportunities that will help them thrive in the 21st century.