Our Current Project is Building Dakar with mentorship from companies like Flawless, Origyn, and affiliation with the ASWF, we’ve compiled a 30 year chronicle of super service to urban story tellers. We’re currently working on an Interactive Timeline of 2022 through the student lens. Underpinned by the best practices of group and electronic mentorship. We’ll deploy the evolution of internets impact on creative-tech career paths starting and ending with workforce initiatives undergirded by, Digital Pathway Initiative  , Silo Cloud, and SIGGRAPH.

It wasn’t until researching more novel solutions that the visual effects enthusiast found a 2018 academic paper outlining a possible solution: neural networks, or computer programs mimicking the structure of a brain, that sought to transpose one actor’s facial expression onto another’s face.  Together, the envoys of three very different worlds — cinema, science and the software industry — built Flawless, an A.I. filmmaking venture with offices in both Santa Monica and London.

Covid-19 derailed our capstone project of a student operated radio station supported  by Audacy, who’s quest was to teach generation z and alpha what was radio.  Dakar has plans to use the Audacy studios to build, design and pilot a channel that would provide students with all the tools to stand up a business model, advertising, editorial, music entertainment and peer to peer reach and impact. 
Future centric topic about growth opportunities/careers, and startups in sectors, breaking generational wealth disparities in the black and brown communities at the earliest age.  Integrating healthy habits, because your health is your wealth that is not being taught in traditional curriculum, that couldn’t be supported by  faculty.  Multi- disciplinary study, like combining science and tech with artist.  Technology Enhanced Arts Learning.

Job Description:

Dakar is seeking two production runners, foot soldiers for our film or television production team, performing small but important tasks in the office, around the set and on location. Their duties may involve anything from office administration to crowd control, and from public relations to cleaning up locations.  A production runners for Dakar is employed on a freelance basis @ $15 per hour, and the hours are irregular

You must  assist wherever they are needed on productions. Your responsibility vary considerably depending on where you are assigned.   Your duties can be remote and include working on your own:  filing paperwork and data entry, arranging lunches, dinners, and transportation reservations, photocopying, general office administration, and distributing production paperwork.
You must be flexible to adjust to changing Covid-19 protocols that will  include: acting as a courier, helping to keep the set clean and tidy and distributing call sheets, CDC health and safety notices, and other paperwork. On location shoots, you may also be required to help to coordinate the extras, and to perform crowd control duties, except where this work is dangerous, or performed by police officers or other official personnel.

You must be flexible and well organized, and be able to think on your feet. You should be able to relay messages quickly and accurately, while paying due regard to the need for silence when on set. You should have strong verbal and written communication skills, be able to take orders, and to show tact and deference towards those in positions of authority and greater responsibility.

You must be punctual and enthusiastic, and understand the importance of taking detailed notes and recording expenditure accurately.

You should be level headed, and able to work calmly and effectively under pressure.

You must be able to contribute to good working relationships, and to create a positive atmosphere on the production.

You should have good secretarial skills, and be computer literate in standard word processor, spreadsheet and email programs.

You should also be aware of current Covid-19 CDC health and safety issues, and ensure that their actions do not constitute a risk to themselves or to others.

You Should have some experience in drama or broadcasting, whether it is in amateur dramatics, student radio or filmmaking, is also an advantage.
You must be Enthusiastic, this  is more important than experience. There are no specific educational requirements, but you may have to pass a background check via LIVESCAN