The “Gig Economy” Training Series commenced with guest lecturers Evette Vagas, Filiberto Gonzalez, and Kevin Clark presenting to 11-grade students in instructor Aaron Lemos’s Film Magnet program at John F. Kenedy High School, Granada Hills, CA (LAUSD).

The Creative Industry Coalition, LAUSD and the Gig Economy Tool Kit will connect relevant training to real opportunities for students to apply linked learning to bolster their capacity to compete for LAUSD procured commitments for Summer 2017 Internship


More than a fourth of the U.S. is now officially part of the freelance gig economy, a recent report indicates.

In the future, more and more people of all ages and ethnicity will declare their independence from the 9-to-5 daily corporate grind for the freedom, autonomy, and self-determination that the freelance, gig economy lifestyle brings.

On Thursday, November 17, @ JFK Film Magnet, Evette Vargas placed her project “Dark Prophet” under the microscope for our JFK Film magnet students and faculty from the Los Angeles Unified School District, to examine the moving parts and the career pathways that binds this project’s success. Also on tap was social impact guru, Filiberto Gonzalez, who provide the students with some wisdom and encouragement for their entrepreneurial journey.

The experience is produced by Dakar Interactive/LA High Tech and is intended to break down the raw materials, processes and the human resources necessary to get a story developed and onto any screen in today’s changing digital media landscape.

Evette Garcia will kick-off the first of a series of high school student generated training media programming designed to showcase the best practices of exposing students in the classroom to creative industry professionals/mentors points-of-view, intended to break down barriers to entry into the burgeoning new media-tech industries.