The Hive is an educational tech-arts social enterprise developed by The Dakar Foundation in collaboration with Valence Enterprises.  The Hive provides college students from underrepresented communities access to professional technical media arts training and hands-on experience so they can become the next generation of industry leaders.
Many young people in California from historically marginalized neighborhoods are being left behind and not equipped to build a future in digital creative fields.  The Hive is creating a new inclusive model to bridge the creative digital divide. The Hive students will leave with exceptional skills and creative portfolio assets so they can secure sought after jobs in Los Angeles’ creative economy from Hollywood to Silicon Beach and beyond.

The Hive deploys challenged-based learning and access to the latest digital technology helps students learn professional media applications while discovering their innate artistic abilities. By encouraging collaboration with each other, professional mentors, their families, and community around them, The Hive strives to build an inclusive community enriched by diverse experiences of creative expression.

Hands-on technical instruction for aspiring makers and producers will include digital media content development and distribution using the latest tools and technologies at The Hive.  Students will work within education tracks from concept and ideation to creation and post-production. Traditional and new distribution and audience engagement platforms including social and mobile media will be explored for content sharing.

The Dakar Network is committed to strengthening and expanding private public collaboration with educational, community and workforce-based LA County stakeholders to form incubator digital arts media hubs that support, train and mentor youth from disadvantaged and traditionally underserved neighborhoods.

The Hive is a collaboration between Dakar Foundation and Valence Enterprises that produces film, TV, Live and Digital Entertainment for distribution across all digital platforms including theatrical, television, and emerging technologies.  Our last two productions were entitled The Scoop @ Siggraph 2019.  Our most recent production was “When World Collide at Mobile World Congress LA”.  It was produced as an experiential learning exercise by Los Angeles Community College student in-front and behind the camera for students in the class room.

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