The RISE & Fall Of A Black Utopia


Kevin Clark

My HOMAGE to Ermias Asghedom aka Nipsey Hussle is sprinkled with historical parallels to another Black leader who was well on his way to providing an algorithm defeating the wealth gap for Black people who could be part of the coalition of the willing.  One such historical figure is a man, in fact, one could say that Nipsey was a spiritual descendant of Allen Allensworth, a tragic story of a man who was way ahead of his time, and on his way to creating a Black Utopia.

I pray that this post will create a living-breathing movement so that Nipsey’s spirit will never  be forgotten as well as a discovery of others who dared to fight with their lives for a better place, even a “Utopia.  Watch for the next post from Dakar as we use social media to drive students to write stories and produce multimedia projects fusing Nipsey’s legacy with those of men and women who came before him.

The beginning started with the street name change, but as Allensworth’s vision diminished into a ghost town, and now a state park.  We hope for a better fate for Nipsey’s work. How about a Department Of Education certified curriculum and more support for Vector 90 to feed more activism?  We’ll see what  we learned about our history, “if you don’t your facts, you’re doomed to repeat its mistakes.

I attended his home-going Thursday @ the Staple Center…stay tuned as the saga continues,

May this tribute post inspire the masses to research your short timeline, and post a million testimonials, even 100 years from now….

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There have been multiple reports about what transpired between Eric Holder and Nipsey just before he pulled the trigger. Rumors mentioned before that there was some kind of argument between the two over some snitching claims that may be the reason Holder got mad and went away to get a gun. ➖ But an interview with Nipsey’s longtime friend and business partner, Herman Douglas, a.k.a. Cowboy says that it wasn’t a planned meeting. He tells @latimes the story. ➖ 🎥 by @latimes ➖ #nipseyhussle #ripnipsey #ripnipseyhussle

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The 360 Degrees Of Nipsey Hussle, Media Blessed.

Not So Blessed Media

. Warning Very Graphic