I came the The L.A. Tech Founders x Talent Co-Working Day  to hear three individuals in particular, and they didn’t disappoint in delivering testimonials that should have been heard by many more people than the 70 or so in attendance. The three individuals Dr. Corneil Montgomery – Head of Community Impact, CSR Group, Bank of the West and Intern at Verizon and Santa Monica College student Petula Pascall. , and Lindsey Heisser – Director, L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline  are on my target list to recruit into the Valence Community.

I stayed until lunch, and was engaged by the program that featured Mr. Montgomery as the keynote speaker, and Ms Heisser who gave a breakdown of the milestones and future deliverables for students and would-be start up in the creative-tech economy. The event was touted as event that would bring public and private sector leaders that  have partnered with the Bixel Exchange tech entrepreneurship and talent development efforts, as well the founders and students who have been directly impacted by their support.  I would have loved to see more of the private partners in the room that have undergirded the program, but everyone’s busy, right?