Kevin Clark

Digital Hollywood is the losing its numbers, yet it still provides a seat at the table for people like for Black professionals and students who are seeking more agency and connectivity with one another as well as others who seek to do business with our communities.  My sole purpose in coming to DH was to promote The Valence Community, and to share my renewed passion for philanthropy and collaboration without tribalism.


Day one we focused on the world of podcasting and all of the verticals it provides for story tellers and brands.  We also followed where e-sports explosion is going, and other new emerging career pathways for Gen Z students.

Day two we attended a compelling panel Career To Campus produced and moderated by our friend Simone Nelson, CSUEA.  This lively exchange deserved a much larger audience and reach for students, faculty and workforce to industry stakeholders.  There has to be another way for Simone’s constituency to witness and engage these panelist who are gracious and giving in their time and energy to share their tactics and techniques to get into the industry.

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