Students will experience work based learning in different business environments.

The TV & Film program will take place at HartBeat Studios (programs in other work fields will follow, i.e…Computer programming, Graphic Design, Accounting, etC.

For the TV & Film Program, to distinguish the student learners from the production staff, we will give them a HAT to correspond to their level of knowledge

•1st level of the program/experience =  White HAATS
•2nd level of the program/experience = Black HAATS
•3rd level of the program/experience = Red HAATS

(When we send the Students to Nike or AT&T, hats may not be appropriate so we’ll have alternatives like wristbands, lapel pins, or t-shirts)

A typical training day will include 4-5 hours side-by-side work training and 4/5hrs of breakout sessions with our department leads.

TV & Film Departments may include;
Vanities (Hair, Makeup, Stylist)
Production Support

My plan is to book a session for the HAATS every Friday for 8-10 weeks and have them work on a production from inception to delivery.

I can’t promise, but I will encourage the production company to give the students an IMDB credit for their work on the project.

A couple bonuses/extras for students that excel in the program will be personal visits with our Celebrity Talent and invites to Kevin Hart events (concerts, appearances, dinners)

The details of the program still need to be defined but I hope this gives a clear vision for what H.A.A.T. means and how HartBeat will be involved.