As Digital Hollywood ended, we caught up with one some of the driving forces behind Digital Hollywood this year, Vanessa Athens and Simone Nelson.This summer we’ll be talking to them about next steps in blending harmonies around building a strategy for prepping the digital media workforce for 2020 and beyond.

Our friend and new collaborative spirit, Vanessa Athens introduced Dakar to some of her network of emerging tech and entertainment brands on Tuesday. Stay tuned on Wednesday for more context to this amazing women’s evolution from a Hollywood born and bred actor, singer, model to a powerhouse connector in brand development inside of the Digital Hollywood ecosystem. Below one of Vanessa’s network friends, Dave Stephens showcased the Halocam and Blossom platform that captured the sights and sounds of the conference on Tuesday.



The TV/Film/Video – Platforms and Partnerships – Developing Hollywood Content as Brand and Distribution Package

Phil Lott, Co-Founder and President, AMPLE (Showrunner, The Pitch; Director, Undercover Boss)

Brant Pinvidic, television producer and the founder and CEO, INvelop Entertainment

JR Yasgur, Vice President, Advanced Media Planning & Management, Universal Music Group (UMG).

Elissa Friedman, Vice President, Production and Development, Covert Media

Philip Shafran, Director of Content Activation, Brand and Rights Management, Vin Di Bona Productions

Doug Dezzani, Creative Director for Integrated Marketing, Ignition Creative



The University Project at Digital Hollywood

An Immersive Workshop Experience with Oracle & The CSUEA

Mobile Cloud Technology Showcase

Mobile & Bots in the Cloud with Serge Leontiev, Infrastructure Architect, Oracle

Designing Next-Gen Digital Experiences with Francisco Brito, UX UI Mobile Engineering Specialist, Oracle

Cultural and Digital Preservation in the Cloud with Brian Campanotti, Global Director, Digital Media Solutiona, Oracle



Dakar’s new partner, the Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Association just accepted Dakar as a partner, and with the support of the CSUEA, we can start the discussion to create a customized Bot to search for collaborative partners and drive our quest to find 25 young men and women to enter a virtual academy for adoption by major tech-entertainment corporations.   A special shout-out to Kevin Roebuck, Oracle for a spirited conversation about “What If”.

Our discussion with Oracle centered on the creation of a cohort to adopt a K-20 district that we can create a use case for scaling to the entire State Of California.  Stay tuned for more developments.