Kevin Clark
Carson,CA September 16

I was invited by Kevin Nast to attend the KJLH Empowerment Summit at California State Dominguez Hills, and wow what a day.  I arrived  just in time to see the presentation By Dr. Cornel West, who if you don’t know by now is running for  President in 2024.  I was inspired an entertained as well as the jam packed audience there to hear his keynote speech,  I’m not sure he can make a difference in the lives of our young, black, and brown folks in  southern los Angeles  in 2024, but he made a huge impact to the throng inside of the auditorium..   View the opening in its entirety at the bottom.

Dr. West’s presentation was followed by a panel more directed to middle and high school children, faculty and parents in the same auditorium that emptied out after Dr. West’s keynote.  I was thoroughly entertained and informed by talented educator rapper, DSmoke, who deserved a much larger audience to receive his message, he was followed bt an equally powerful presentation by President Dr. Parnham, who’s presentation framed the narrative for today’s experience.

I didn’t make it to my friend Kevin Nash’s 50-50 panel,  but I look forward to hearing his thoughts and reflections, as well as his takeaways from the other breakout sessions. My major takeaway is that I want to start today by assisting with the programming and preparation for next year’s event for the k-16 school houses. Props to Stevie Wonder, whose speech punctuated today’s activities, by challenging all in attendance to put in more work.