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Preproduction Checklist for a Production Coordinator on a Scripted Reality Show

1. Script/Schedule: Review the script/schedule of the show, including scene setups, transitions, and B-roll.

2. Production Plan: Confirm how the production will be executed, detailing how the footage will be collected and edited.

3. Shot List: Confirm the shot list of the show, including all the necessary shots and camera angles.

4. Gear/Equipment: Confirm availability and condition of all necessary tools and equipment, including audio/video recording devices and optional camera stabilizing gear.

5. Location: Confirm the availability of the shoot locations and plan for any potential difficulties. Microsoft_logo_(2012).svg

6. Talent: Confirm the availability of all cast and crew, including primary and secondary talent, and whether performers are experienced or not.

7. Backup Plan: Confirm the backup plan in case of technical or staffing issues.

8. Post-production: Confirm post-production requirements, including the video editing and sound mixing.

9. Delivery: Confirm the delivery format/date of the final product.


PRODUCED BROWNBAG TV,  Kevin Clark, Shoni Doe, Shain Hymon, 

Dakar Investigative Back Pack Journalism Certification/Conference As Curriculum

Sizzle Reel of All Participant At The Beginning

Stephen Chenung, Jermaine Hampton, Chasen Washington, Charles Johnson Shelly Wallace Lamoh Hicks

 Jay Tucker Jamell Cleary

Jeff Burke, Brian Wright Ericl Elder Candace Newman,, Lamoh Hicks

Meia Johnson, Radellia Shaw, Syd Stewart,  Chris Cagle

Ted LaiCollege Promise,   Brotherhood Crusade, Yo Watts,  Family, LA Pierce,

1500 Sound Academy Virtual 

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