MARCH 1,2022

When I first began my work with Dakar Interactive, I knew nothing about the tech world and the infinite avenues one could take to break into the media industry. However, Dakar doesn’t only focus on media, they also understand the importance of bridging the gap. It was imperative that I understood Black History and Black stories. These clips of my first Dakar produced Brownbagtv event showcase collaboration, leadership and adaptive skills I’ve learned in how to execute a production, I can’t wait to see how it looks in post-production as our sizzle reel.

Why it was so important to make space for ourselves in every room making every company interested in diversity and inclusion. Immediately, I was taught the importance of showing up in meetings and planning ahead of time.

I adapted to Kevin’s pace quickly and made sure I was taking notes and writing down the important details in these meetings, just in case I might need them later. Dakar is a force because Kevin has connections and that is what the industry is built on. Whether you’re in technology, entertainment, or sports; you need connections to get you further and the only way to strengthen those connections is with legitimacy.

Kevin ensured that he had something to talk about in every meeting we entered. Whether we stuck to it or not, there was an agenda for every meeting he planned. When you show up with something to talk about, you have something to contribute. Its important to know the agenda because then you know where you may be able to fit in.

I was able to adapt to change rapidly at Dakar and learned how important it was to keep pushing, even when things happen out of your control. I made sure I completed tasks and stayed on schedule with everything that Kevin planned for the week and worked hard to communicate with him so he understood where I was at with assignments.

Dakar taught me that communication can take you far in business and so long as you keep people updated, things will be okay. Our February 28th Event went well and we had a lot of really important guests who were able to speak on a variety of topics. As a host, I was able to utilize my improv skills and make sure everything was on schedule. I think the event was such a success because everyone in the room was able to adapt.

We all knew that the project had to get done and we showed up to show that it was possible. None of this would’ve happened had Dakar not instilled the idea of accountability and showing up. Sometimes you don’t know what’s going to happen but if you show up people will remember you were there.

People showed up and wanted to have discussions on Black History and Black Stories. We talked about mentorship and accountability. How great teachers and mentors are the game-changers for any industry and how being that for yourself is what it takes to succeed. I hope we’re able to continue the discussions we started at the next event.