When Worlds Collide Volume 6 Inside Of Siggraph 2021

Kevin Clark - August 15, Los Angeles, CA
Dakar Foundation assembled a group of allies’ that pinned down some critical problems that we’ve identified as barriers for entry for public school scholars into the post-pandemic Creative-Tech Economy and workforce. Our goal as consortium was to provide data, analytics, and forecasting of how to better prepare our students, faculty, and stakeholders in public education K-16 to thrive and not just survive the uncertainty of the pandemic. 

Dakar was proud to have been selected as a participant in the Siggraph 2021, and we multiple Connected Campuses to combat inequality and privilege in leveling the playing field for opportunities for a underserved student population.  Big shoutout to our panelist, and moderator for a stirring one hour discussion, that will be a module for our Digital Pathway Initiative fall semester experience. To see the recording  below please sign up here.




Dakar synthesized and produced a consensus on the who, what, where, why, and how-to Skill-up our diverse pool talent for the coalition of the willing, gatekeepers, and philanthropists who we’ve interviewed for their prescriptive requirements for entering their culture today and tomorrow.

Our Panel

  Maya BeasleyJennifer Goldfinch,  La Mer Walker, Anna Marie Piersimon  Producer- Kevin Clark

Takeaway Questions

1. If, you had the power to change one thing in the commission of leveling the playing field for all digital learners in public schools, what would it be and why?

2. What is the biggest challenge facing public schools in preparing for the return of physical classrooms, and what would you do to course correct where we stand today?

3. What are some of the common issues that need course correction in education systems? i.e. silos, broadband, integration of tools.

4.  What is the forecast of bring everybody back to some sense of normalcy this fall?

Takeaway Solutions

  1. Apprenticeship (RAP)
  2. Connected Campus
  3. SHLB
  • Adaptability

The workplace conditions that we face today will be different in several months and years. The fast-changing conditions are already a part of the new digital world. However, the pandemic only spurred even more change and made it happen faster.

Employers will want to know that you have what it takes to adapt to these changes. After all, this will determine how the business can take advantage of market shifts and protect itself from getting left behind. So work on maintaining a flexible mindset that is always looking to improve.

Emotional Intelligence

There are different kinds of intelligence. Being great at math, science, or reading is all fine. But in the business world, you are dealing with people. You need to have the emotional intelligence to manage relationships within your company and with customers and vendors. If you have emotional intelligence, you have an evergreen skill. For the most part, human nature doesn’t change. And understanding human nature is more crucial than ever in this modern pandemic.


Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated. And with more people staying indoors and using their internet-connected devices, there are more targets than ever before. For businesses, this presents an even worse problem. If a business has a data breach, its customer or financial information could fall into the wrong hands. This could spell the end for any business.

If you are considering learning a new skill altogether, investing in a cybersecurity training course or certification could make you a sought-after employee in the new job market.

Digital Skills

Due to public health reasons, more businesses are allowing individuals to work from home. You may prefer working in a physical environment with other people, but coronavirus and the new reality we face may not allow that for everyone. In addition to this, many organizations are not allowed to bring people into their physical office anymore.

Luckily, working remotely has several benefits. You often get to set your own hours, save time on transportation, and enjoy your home office’s view. But because many people are working from their homes, digital skills like design, programming, and writing are in high demand. Even jobs that traditionally required in-person attendance are turning into remote positions. However, you need to ensure that you have the proper time-management, organization, and communication skills. Otherwise, your productivity can drop.


No matter what industry you are looking at, businesses need to sell their products and services to keep up. And they also need to negotiate with vendors for better pricing. Therefore, negotiating is and always will be an essential skill in business. However, the economic realities of a world after COVID-19 are more competitive. There is less money moving around, and businesses need to negotiate more effectively to spend less and profit more. If you can show up to a job interview with proven negotiating skills, you already have a decisive advantage over your peers.

In Conclusion

The new world after coronavirus will never be precisely the same. Old ideas and approaches to the business world simply won’t cut it. If you want to put yourself in a position to acquire and keep the best job possible in your dream organization, follow the guide above. Learn one of the five skills that will make you stand out from the rest and give you a leg up.