The Case For December 6th

Kevin Clark
Los Angeles, Ca, December 21, 2020

For the last 2 weeks, we’ve been convening think-tanks via zoom below regarding how to become more activist for this upcoming Black History Month 2021. I believe that we’re gaining momentum and consensus on spotlighting a forum underpinned with Dr. Carl Mack’s comprehensive 4th edition calendar that will discuss, analyze and curate multimedia factoids.

This will challenge all of us to ask the question, why it’s taken historically 2020 to bring us to critical mass. So with that being said, we’ll proclaim that December 6th past, present, and future will generate an observance day in Los Angeles County, Dec. 6th, 2021.  We act regionally and pray that this wildfire will catch everywhere.

This day, December 6th will not only be a day of reflection but will become a day in which we engage and activate our communities to shop, and buy black exclusively. This can be started now, and with the formation of a group activist are planning and designing a relational data base for Black owned Businesses to be matched with consumer awareness of how to find and support these business whether online or curbside pickup. We don’t have to wait for December 6th, yet every movement has a strategy and inflection point to drive mass adoption, and so we have doing our part, please join us in our quest to make it happen big or die trying.

U.S. CONSTITUTION: AMENDMENT 13 Slavery Abolished 1865 Section 1. Abolition of slavery. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Section 2. Enforcement.

Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. Reverend Henry Highland Garnet was an enslaved man who escaped from Maryland. As a minister, he was the first Black to address Congress. In his address on February 12, 1865, to the United States Congress, he spoke in favor of the proposal which became the 13th Amendment.

In order for a proposal to become an Amendment to the Constitution, at least two requirements must be met, 2/3 approval by Congress, and the proposal must be ratified by 3/4 of the States. When the proposal to abolish slavery was introduced, there were 36 States; thus, ratification by 27 States was needed. On January 31, 1865, 2/3 of the Congress approved the proposal making slavery illegal, and on this day in 1865, Georgia became the 27th State to ratify the proposal which then became the 13th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

If ever there should be a National Holiday celebrating the FREEDOM of Blacks, THIS DAY, has my vote! Besides, it’s the Holiday Season and this would truly be “BLACK FRIDAY.” On this day we should commit to shop ONLY at Black-owned businesses! On December 6, Black Freedom and Economic Day, I shall patronize Black-owned businesses ONLY!

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